The Century Case Big List

We have had the goal to document our success cases: “century cases” (100+ pounds lost), “finish line” cases (of any amount of weight), and transformational health cases. We are in the “extreme growing pain” stage of making that happen, and we need your help, particularly in the run-up to the “100 Century Cases” mark, which we think we may hit in the spring of 2021.

Wouldn’t it be a shame for the century mark of the century cases to slip past us without us even noticing?

(Frankly, that would be a lot like my 50th birthday, and since I missed that, let’s do this one a bit differently.)

This list is a working list of our cases as we know them to date. As I work on this, I face how completely disorganized I’ve been, and I apologize in advance if I have forgotten you, and I thank you in advance for letting me know.

If you’re on Instagram, use these hastags to help us keep these things more organized:

  • #ELABcenturygoal
  • #ELABfinishline
  • #ELABhealthgoal

We have talked a good bit about how to measure a “century case” — from a member’s high weight or from their weight in finding Eat Like a Bear! We have two lists here. The first main list includes people who are down 100 pounds or more as a result of their membership in our community. That is the official list that we count in our counter. We have a second group of testimonies of people who made it to the century mark with Eat Like A Bear! but had lost a good chunk elsewhere first. I am excited about anyone losing 100 pounds any way at all, but we separate our stories just to get all official about things.

I should also add that for as much as we have become known for a very specific food approach, The Ridiculously Big Salad, we do have community members who have succeeded with other low carb meal models. Dwayne is a great example: We will never find him eating a salad. He was a first generation Bear back before we even realized how cool salads were, and he is a testament to working out whatever is going to work for you.

As you can imagine, everyone’s story varies, which is why we are working real hard on getting individual stories on the website. Where century case stories are already published here on this website, we provide a link in the list.

We hope to develop a list ordered by time to the century mark, but do not have nearly enough data at this point. If you are on this list, let us know when you reached the century mark. (Email support [at] eatlikeabear [dot] com)

If you’re on this list and haven’t been profiled, by all means, give us a holler, support [at] eatlikeabear [dot] com

I should also add that we have a number of people in the wind, and I have six semi-anonymous century cases back here (with first names or emails only), and I am trying to determine if they are real. If you’re a century case but want to stay anonymous, please email support [at] eatlikeabear [dot] com, let us know what’s up and if you’d like to be added to the list just with a first name (or some such). Likewise, if you’ve found yourself outed on this list and want your name removed, email us about that too. (support [at] eatlikeabear [dot] com)

Just to get the ball rolling on this, I am going to ugly-copy right from my spreadsheet, lest I never get this done otherwise. We are actually working on a web-based relational database for all of this, a project that surely will be ready some day. (Today is apparently not that day.)

Here we have alpha-organized by first name with a last initial. The date is the month the person hit the century-down mark. If you are on this list, send us a date if we don’t have one or if your date is incorrect. We include last names and links for people who are already profiled on the website.

By all means, ladies, we have lurking century case husbands around. Get them on here!

Ali C.

Angela L. Nov 2020

Anne Marie G.

Barbara S.

Barbie Long July 2020

Bobbi M July 2020

Brenda F

Calvin B

Casey G Feb 2020

Cathy B

Celeste McIntyre June 2020

Celestial E

Chelle B

Cindy O

De L

Dwayne B

Emily Mantooth July 2020

Faisal Youhari (with wife Doris)

Georgia Baker

Hope DeBour Jan 2020

Jayne M May 2020

Jen F Nov 2020

Jennifer R

JoAnn H

Joni G

Karen C

Kathy M

Katrina S

Kim F

Kristy S

Lois V June 2020

Loretta K

Lynn W

Maria Costa July 2019

Marilynn L

Melinda M

Melinda Troxel

Michelle E

Nada N

Pam M

Patti C

Patti R

Patty M

Renae D

Ronda V

RoseMary L

Ruth H

Sarah Myers

Shelley Foudray April 2019

Shelly J

Sherry McMurray

Shon Tetik

Sonya Toms

Tino S.

Tonia Walker

Veronica Gray

Century Cases with an asterisk. 😉

Many people find us some pounds down and make it to the finish line with us. I love these stories because I am interested in what landed them in our community. We are also increasingly becoming known for getting to the finish line, and so I expect a lot of Century Cases just like these.

(Some people in our main list above may actually belong here, so if that is the case with you, let us know at support [at] eatlikeabear [dot] com)

Angie Hyde

Ann D.

Claudette H.

Iola M. Aug 2020

Tisha Raye


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