About Amanda Rose, Ph.D.

Amand Rose, Eat Like a Bear founder, standing outside, hand on hip

I am Amanda Rose, 50 years old, and a completely unexpected weight loss success story. I was running around my property in the Giant Sequoia National Monument of California (actually, I was hobbling around, limping with a knee injury and weighing 280 pounds), minding my own business, foraging for herbs and wild plants (when I could given that hobbling issue), and never in my life imagined I would have so many people locally and in internetland interested in what I am eating.

Really, I’ve eaten some pretty cool things, like nettle leaf soup and elderberry cheesecake, and I definitely had people interested in that. But never on God’s Green Earth did I ever imagine that people would be interested in what I was eating because… wait for it…. (my own mind is completely blown)… I lost 140 pounds and weigh less than I have ever weighed as an adult (or even as a teen).

I progressed from 280 pounds to being able to walk at about 230 pounds, to getting down to my adult “fighting weight” of 170 pounds, to a trim 140ish.

What??? Really, who knew. It’s completely ridiculous how well this whole weight loss thing has gone. I shake my head daily. Here’s why:

  • 100% of my blood kin who have tried my approach have had success. We’re all a bunch of fatties and so we’re all a little shocked. (Your results may vary, obviously. We fat families all have our different issues.)
  • I leave my home here in the Giant Sequoia National Monument and go to a place called civilization and every single time I run into someone who has seen my story and is excited to report on her progress. In some of these cases I was aware that she was trying it but I still get surprised regularly by someone who has quietly and privately tried it and is so excited to see me and confide in me about her results. We huddle and whisper, just like we’re gossiping about some exciting adventure. (OK, sometimes it’s a man, just only on occasion.)
  • I check on the Eat Like A Bear! group on Facebook and see new success stories every day. Sometimes I can’t even respond because I get so emotional.

I did the diet out of desperation, so that I could hike and forage. As it turns out, I have almost no time for foraging these days as I work on this website and our community. The earliest “how to” videos on this website I made just to make my trips to civilization easier. Instead of spending three hours describing what I was doing, I directed people to a few little videos on YouTube. I checked the channel recently and realized it didn’t even have a description. I just slopped it together for friends and family. Little by little, people found them and watched them. I made more videos about weight loss and haven’t had time for herb videos (on a neglected YouTube channel). It’s my goal to find a better balance but I am fairly committed to the weight loss message at this point.

As for my background, my Ph.D. is in the social sciences (political science) and so I am highly qualified in predicting how you might vote or analyzing why your agency is dysfunctional. I once gave a TEDx talk on a consumer choice and information processing but, as for weight loss, I have absolutely no qualifications other than being the first 50-year-old women I know who tried this diet approach and succeeded. Definitely don’t look to me for medical advice (but you shouldn’t be looking anywhere on the internet for that).

If you’ve found this page looking for hope and inspiration, I direct you to our very positive and inspiring community on Facebook. Be sure to watch the video “A Postcard From Yellowstone,” with a seminal message from me to our growing community: The keystone “meal type” of the community is what we call “The Ridiculously Big Salad,” which has a book dedicated to it, coming to print in 2020. It was while working on the digital version of the book (now available as part of a course here) that I had the actual realization that, “Oh my golly, during all of those months of weight loss, my brain had a framework for the meals that I was eating.” (Seriously, I planned none of this and just threw stuff in bowls and never imagined I’d end up in this strange universe.) A print version of the book is forthcoming in 2020. “The Ridiculously Big Salad” is the #1 most successful meal type in our community.

If you’ve found this page trying to contact me with a business partnership, I do not promote products. There was no product that I needed to lose weight. Family and friends are using no products. There is a trend among weight loss gurus to launch the food or supplement product line. Why? The perimeter of the grocery store, the farmer’s market, our gardens, and our forests offer everything we need. As I wake up to the world of “before and after weight loss stories” (a world I have completely ignored until very recently) and see what people are doing with their own success, I have decided that I will not trade hiking and foraging for any of these things: 1) Bottling and selling a supplement, 2) Packaging a food, 3) Modeling clothes on Instagram (sorry boys, *snort*).

Amanda Rose holding a Ridiculously Big Salad for the Three-Day Challenge