Eat Like a Bear!

An Unexpected Universe.

"A crazy thing happened in a little Facebook group I started on July 9, 2018, with about 500 people.

A bunch of us got skinny."

Amanda Rose, Ph.D.,

Founder, Eat Like a Bear!

A community with 50 century cases (and counting)

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Amand Rose, Eat Like a Bear founder, standing outside, hand on hip

The Viral Video Messages

The First Case and the Message in "A Postcard from Yellowstone"

"Life can change completely in one year," Amanda Rose asserts in the video A Postcard from Yellowstone. The strong "You Can Do It!" message, viewed by nearly one million people, captured the hearts of thousands of older women, shaping the culture of support in the Eat Like a Bear! community.

Fifty Century Cases: The Power of Community in Weight Loss

Eat Like a Bear! has exploded into a community of over 60,000 people losing life-changing amounts of weight. The community has 50 century cases (people who have lost over 100 pounds), five "half my size" cases, and tens of thousands of pounds lost. Listen to their words in this video, viewed over three million times on Facebook.

The Big Weight Loss Platforms Don't Dare Set Goals This High!

"Make your goal big! Make it visual and completely physical. If it doesn't scare you (at least just a bit), it's not big enough!" urges Amanda Rose in the video at left, identifying a key factor that differentiates the Eat Like a Bear! community from all the rest.

The "RBS Book": Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad

"This book was a game-changer for our community's success. I ate what we now call 'The Ridiculously Big Salad' about four out of five days during my rapid weight loss phase, but I didn't appreciate that it was a key success factor for me until I saw thousands of people implement it with great results. It's simple and inexpensive, but it is a specific framework, not 'just a salad.'"

Thousands of digital sales of the book in 2019 funded the current print version. Read more here about the print book.

The Hallmark of Eat Like a Bear!: It is shockingly cheap!

Amanda Rose holding a Ridiculously Big Salad

Eat big, lose weight, and save money at the same time!

A hallmark of Eat Like a Bear! is its no-nonsense, budget-friendly approach to weight loss. We have community members doing it on food stamps. There are no monthly fees here at Eat Like a Bear!, although there are books and courses you can buy, if you wish. (I thank you for that.)

Amanda Rose standing under Giant Sequoia trees

Born out of one of California's most impoverished and most obese counties

Eat Like a Bear! was founded in Tulare County, one of California's most obese, diabetic, and impoverished counties. We aim to turn around the obesity and diabetes statistics, one friend at a time. Amanda Rose lives in eastern Tulare County, in California's Giant Sequoia National Monument. 

The weight loss marketers all those years – they were wrong!

You know all the people who have been trying to convince us that the solution to our weight loss lies in their products? It never did, and it never will. In fact, that ubiqitous marketing message is a big part of the high rate of obesity in the United States. The people who are success cases in Eat Like a Bear! learn a core message: The locus of control of weight loss is ourselves.

Amanda Rose on the cover of Woman's World with article snippets
Amanda Rose in the post office holding the book, crates filled with books at the post office and in her house

Making History at the US Post Office (and the Team of Rural Postmasters)

Amanda Rose at the Post Office Thank you for your support of the book, “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad.” You have very nearly broken the U.S. Post Office with your orders. We

Community photos from Instagram

The Woman’s World Photo Series: The Best of the Best

Here in the Eat Like a Bear community we’ve sure had a great time with Woman’s World! I was on the cover back in August and some seriously legendary photos came out of it. We

What will your life be like in one year?


Digital Course Modules

We currently have four course modules at Eat Like a Bear! which fund this whole platform and community. (Thank you!) We have members succeeding without buying these, but we have a far higher success rate among buyers. These materials are based on Amanda Rose's analysis of the thousands of cases in the Eat Like a Bear! community.

The Three-Day Challenge on the News Stands

We are pretty proud that our #1 success tool -- the free Three-Day Challenge -- has been featured in Woman's World magazine. This simple tool has driven many success cases in our community and it is completely free. Learn more about the Three-Day Challenge here.

Compositional graphic of the December 28 2020 issue of Woman's World with Kathie Lee on the cover and Melinda and Gail's Eat Like a Bearstory

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The Eat Like a Bear! Philosophy

Read more about our philosphy here, including how this site is funded.

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The Eat Like a Bear! Origin Story

How did we end up in this unexpected universe? A combination of serendipity and good decisions. Read the origin story here.

Read the Getting Started Frequently Asked Questions

Navigate some of the Eat Like a Bear! world with our Getting Started FAQ.

Amanda Rose, Ph.D. outside, hand on hip, smiling

About Amanda Rose, Ph.D.

Amanda Rose is the founder of the growing weight loss community Eat Like a Bear! She is a "half my size" case, 51 years old, with a Ph.D. in political science.

  • Read the Eat Like a Bear! origin story here.

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