Suzanne’s Weight Loss Success Story

Suzanne’s story is impressive and exciting. She has lost 104 pounds to date since she found us. She’s down 180 pounds in all. More important, she is able to get out and live her best life at 49 years. Before finding us Suzanne reports: “I was not living life, was just an onlooker. I have arthritis in both knees from a car accident, was having injections for pain. Part of the reason I left my floor nursing job for a desk job was the physical issues I was having.”

Frustrations in the Past and Diving In

Suzanne has struggled with her weight for years. Her success was limited: “I have had some success with weight loss, but never more than 63 pounds and then maintenance has always been the issue. I would get tired of following what I was doing, would go back to my old way of eating, gain what I had lost plus more.”

Suzanne found Eat Like a Bear as she struggled with the stresses of the pandemic: “I had lost a good bit of weight prior to COVID and with lockdown I went back to my old way of eating for comfort. I was so disappointed with myself. I was again gaining. I saw this beautiful lady jump on my Facebook page. I lurked on the page from April to May of 2020, saw all of the wonderful success stories, and knew this could work for me!”

Photo of Suzanne before and after 104 pound weight loss

What She Did

Suzanne reports that she followed the Ridiculously Big Salad one meal a day model with occasional cooked meals. She adds, “After a couple weeks, I added extended fasts, so I would eat 5 days per week and fast 2 days for a total of 72 hour fast. I drank only water and electrolytes with tea with sweetener during my eating window a couple times per month.”

As for the thoughts on the one meal a day model, Suzanne adds, “It was such a relief to only worry about one meal per day. I enjoyed the beautiful meals I prepared more. The cravings disappeared. I made 300 cake pops for my kids’ band camp with not one taste.”

Vibrant Energy

Suzanne knew she was onto something just days in: “Within a few days, I felt energy I had not felt in years, swelling was decreased. In the 1st 2 weeks I lost 30 pounds. I was absolutely amazed.”

Her list of “non-scale victories” is a long one. She reports: “I now run up the stairs instead of holding onto the handrail and pulling myself up. I can tie my shoes. I got tripped up in the yard the other day, fell and jumped right up. I can sit on the floor. I sit on my husband’s lap, I didn’t do that when we first started dating. I weigh less than my husband for the first time ever. I can go into a store and buy clothes that fit. I can take a walk around my neighborhood without getting short of breath.”

“I feel like I am living life now. I used to figure out how to complete any task with the least amount of movement, now I move as much as I possibly can. I feel like I am a part of my family again. I had my rings resized from a 7 to a 4 3/4.” 

Suzanne is now at 157 pounds, three pounds below her goal weight. She may lose a bit more, but is certainly focused on the maintenance head game. She reports: “Maintenance has been a bit of a mental struggle. I have never maintained a weight loss. It has been a trial and error, but I am figuring out what works for me. I have maintained this weight for 2 months which is amazing to me!”

Tips from Suzanne

Photo of Suzanne after 104 pound weight loss

Suzanne urges community members to: “Take lots of pictures, even ones in your underwear just for you, measure when you start and do both often!” 

“Trust the process!” Suzanne adds. “Follow what Amanda has given us and tweak it to work for you. This works!”


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