Photo of Colleen before and after 72 pound weight loss

Colleen’s Weight Loss Success Story

Colleen lost 72 pounds with Eat Like a Bear! She started on June 1, 2020, at 202 pounds. As of April 3, 2021, she weighs 130 pounds. Here she explains how Eat Like a Bear! helped her:

My Motivation

Breathing was getting more difficult. My sleep was poor. I was snoring and would often feel like I was choking in my sleep. I had back, shoulder, and hip pain. Also, I was pre-diabetic for several years. I kayaked, but it was embarrassing to need my husband to hoist me out of the kayak.

My Frustrations in the Past with Trying to Lose Weight

Photo of Colleen after 72 pound weight loss

I was frustrated with plateauing and then rebounding and the cost of various diets. I was also frustrated with my inability and unwillingness to give up pasta, potatoes, bread, and sugar.

How Eat Like a Bear! Was Different

I ate a LOT!!! I did not and do not feel deprived. 

When I Knew Eat Like a Bear! Was Working for Me

When I shifted my goals from being wishy-washy and declared them to friends and family. I knew that I had found my “den”!

What I Can Do Now That I Couldn’t Do Before Losing Weight with Eat Like a Bear!

Sleep without snoring, get into and out of the car easier, reach levers in the car without moving the seat back or getting out of the car, clip and paint my toenails without cutting off my circulation or breathing, bathe myself, take care of general hygiene better and easier, put my clothes on easier, tie my shoes without breathing restriction, sit on my husband’s lap without him complaining or wincing, climb stairs easier, play with my grandkids, fly more comfortably in coach, cross my legs, and get into and out of the kayak by myself. My hands no longer go numb when sitting on the couch … and so much more! 

My Greatest Non-Scale Victories

My husband has always loved me, but intimacy was difficult, both physically and emotionally for me. I LOVE that I no longer snore. Besides the vanity of it, that means my sleep has improved, also. This way of eating helped bring my cholesterol levels into a healthy range, and I am no longer pre-diabetic.

Photo of Colleen before and after 72 pound weight loss

What I Did to Lose the Weight

Before Eat Like a Bear!, it was all about calorie deficit, but really no change in the types of food. I would use products periodically, but was never anything more than minimally successful. 

With Eat Like a Bear!, I eat protein on top of a mixed greens salad with added vegetables. I use store-bought dressing (though I am almost ready to try making my own to eliminate the junk ingredients). I ate hot versions of The Ridiculously Big Salad: proteins with large servings of a roasted vegetable and a side salad or soup. I almost always stayed in the framework with good choices!

Tips for Newcomers

Remember that cleaning up your headspace is as important as cleaning up your pantry!

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