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(and even has a book dedicated to it)

an approach SO SIMPLE, it’s almost an embarrassment…

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What to expect in the Three-Day Challenge.

You will shop and eat with me for three days and learn the core of what we do here at Eat Like a Bear.

(1) Print your Three-Day shopping list

(2) Shop and prepare

(3) Join me each day by video

no hidden costs

No, it is not expensive. Save money AND time.

The community is implementing this eating approach across a whole range of budgets.

Save money.

On multiple occasions, I have demonstrated implementing our approach on a SNAP (food stamps) budget. With access to a food pantry, you can save even more.

Or spend a lot, if you wish.

At the risk of the obvious, you can also spend as much as you wish on your food and ingredients. (May we all have enough to spend as much as we wish.)

Save yourself TIME.

What we do is simple a quick to implement. Sure, you can take more time on your food preparation if you choose.

Leverage that time.

Take all that wonderful extra time and go out and live your most vibrant life. That is our core specialty here at Eat Like a Bear.


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The Three-Day Challenge Featured in Woman’s World, December 28, 2020.

One of our nine national features showcased our own Three-Day Challenge. That is literally our challenge in that magazine headline.
Compositional graphic of the December 28 2020 issue of Woman's World with Kathie Lee on the cover and Melinda and Gail's Eat Like a Bearstory

Three-Day Challenge Testimonials.

Don’t take it from me….
Testimonial screenshots for the Three-Day Challenge
Amanda Rose, posing in nature

About Amanda Rose, Ph.D.

I lost 140 pounds in 2017-2018 and my weight loss story went viral in the 2018 Facebook video. I recreated my 2017 family vacation photos from Yellowstone National Park in the video “A Postcard from Yellowstone.”

I had always been quite overweight and ended 2018 at my lowest adult weight (140 pounds) having leveraged a simple and inexpensive eating approach.

As people followed me and joined together in a small Facebook community, I did something unusual: I leveraged my experience as a government program evaluator and Ph.D. data analyst and I turned my analyst lens on the community itself. Through observing thousands of people engaged in real-life weight loss efforts, our community got better and better at fine-tuning what was working for us in weight loss.

That knowledge helped me maintain my own weight through these years, despite devastating circumstances in my home life during that time.

In these years, my story and the many amazing stories coming out of the community have been featured in national magazines, regional television, and regional and local print publications.

More Facts On Our Three-Day Challenge.

Lose 100 pounds. Lose your last 20 pounds. We do both well. I show you how in this simple Three-Day Challenge.

  • Join 230,000 people since 2020.
  • In a program featured in nine national magazines, six regional television spots, and local print coverage
  • Join over 200 community members to date who have lost over 100 pounds.
  • Join tens of thousands who’ve lost dozens of pounds.

Here’s our celebration of our 100th “Century Bear.”

We lose weight at lower start weights too.

Inspired by my own almost-famous “my pants are too tight” photo in 2023, our community went on a 30-day weight loss challenge.

I lost 17 pounds in 30 days.

My sister lost 15 pounds in 30 days starting in the same weight class.

That’s right. You don’t have to weigh 280 pounds like I did in 2017 to lose significant amounts of weight.

Side note: I have never before been able to wear the same pants for over five years, even stretch pants… If you haven’t either, you’re going to love what we do around here.

Additional side note: It is FAR MORE common around here to lose 17 pounds in a month in a much higher weight class. As you learn my story, you will see I applied some highly advanced (but replicable) techniques in my 30 days. In fact, you’re going to want to stick around here long enough to learn that story. I’ll see you in the challenge!