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A simple and free email sequence that has driven the weight loss success of thousands of people (and even has a book dedicated to it).

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Check your spam folder! Add to your contacts!

Search your email for “Eat Like a Bear” to find messages trapped in spam or promotions. Email us at if all else fails

I Strip it to the Absolute Bare Bones in Three Days!

I am Amanda Rose, Ph.D., founder of the weight loss community Eat Like a Bear! I am 53 years old and lost 140 pounds at the age of 49. I am a “half my size” case, down from 280 pounds. More exciting:

  • Thousands of people are adapting my approach and finding their own success.
  • Yes, it’s keto, but a very distinct and highly effective version of the keto diet.
  • Our secret? The “RBS” – The “Ridiculously Big Salad,” which is more than just a salad – it is a framework of eating. (It’s really no secret at all, and it certainly isn’t a secret if you get into this Three-Day Challenge.)
  • It’s free. I know, “nothing good in life is free,” until apparently now… (It’s email, but you can unsubscribe, all for free.)

The Three-Day Challenge: Watch a video with me each day

Today: Print my shopping list. Shop for the next three days.

Day 1: Eat the Day 1 salad. Join me in a video as I make mine and discuss why this approach is so awesome.

Day 2: Eat the Cooked Day 2 meal. Join me again in a video as I make the dish, adapting it to what I had in my freezer and talk about leveraging it for weight loss.

Day 3: Eat your Day 3 salad and join me in a video. Reflect on whether you can eat this way for a sustained period of time. I think you can, but it really is all up to you, and by Day 3 you will have a very good sense of the core of what we do in the Eat Like a Bear! community.

The Eat Like a Bear! motto:

“No drugs, no surgery, no branded products. 

Required: Your own bootstraps!”

You will not find diet accelerator products or special foods on this website. All of that stuff that everyone is trying to sell you is junk that you don’t need. What you really need is yourself and your bootstraps. Eat Like a Bear! helps you find them.

Put your head down and grind like you never have before. The transformations that are happening in our community as a result are powerful. A key part of our success is leaving behind all of the pills and potions and promises of magic fixes.

Testimonials: Are They Representative?

Below are some screenshot testimonials from Eat Like a Bear! Three-Day Challenge participants. I have no idea how representative these testimonials are. Your results may vary. I designed this challenge to expose you to the meal type that we use. Take that knowledge and implement the concept according to your needs and goals.

Testimonial screenshots for the Three-Day Challenge

The Three-Day Challenge Featured in Woman’s World, December 28, 2020!

Compositional graphic of the December 28 2020 issue of Woman's World with Kathie Lee on the cover and Melinda and Gail's Eat Like a Bearstory

This very Eat Like a Bear! Three-Day Challenge was be featured on the news stands in the December 28, 2020 issue of Woman’s World magazine.


My personal story was featured in the August 17, 2020 issue of Woman’s World and, apparently, when the editors were working on the story, at least one of them took the Three-Day Challenge herself. In October 2020 I received an email from a Woman’s World editor, asking if they could feature the Three-Day Challenge and some of our community’s success cases. (I may have answered something like, “Heck, yeah.”)

I have been asking around, and I have not found another example of a free email series being featured in a major national magazine (or even a minor one). 

The Three-Day Challenge Grew Up and Became its Own Book

I put aside one week in January 2020 and somewhat manically put together the Three-Day Challenge with one goal in mind: Put a single-page PDF into everybody’s hands, send them to the grocery store to shop for simple and inexpensive ingredients, and join me each day via video to talk about what we’re eating. 

My goal was to jump start weight loss on a massive scale.

Cover of the book "Eat Like a Bear Jumpstart: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked" with Amanda Rose holding a harvest basket of food from the shopping listWhy should someone wait for a book? Heck, if someone is a great scrounger and low on cash, why even buy a book? What if three days of success could drive massive weight loss success?

Some of the Eat Like a Bear! community leaders were very concerned about my approach. I give away the whole framework of eating, entirely for free. How would we pay our bills if we gave it all away? I responded, “If we all end up skinny, how will we ever have a money problem?”

I launched the Three-Day Challenge and never looked back.

As it is, some people buy my information products, and some people scrounge, but there is no doubt that this simple Three-Day Challenge has driven a whole lot of success, so much so that it has become its own book.

The book is in the Jump Start module here at Eat Like a Bear!, and it will be in print in February 2021. The book actually does reprint the emails in the Three-Day Challenge, but it also includes a good bit more getting-started information, both in terms of our food framework and in terms of the core psychology that is driving our community’s impressive success.

It is Still a Basic Email Series, Which You Can Join Right Here:

Unexpected Followers of the Three-Day Challenge

I am always amazed at who has opted into the Three-Day Challenge email series. It may be hard to beat the editors of a major magazine who then chose to feature it, but another is Jack Canfield, co-creator of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” You could not have lived through the 1990s without knowing the Chicken Soup series (or through the new millennium without knowing his “Success Principles”).

When I sent Jack Canfield my first book, “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad,” I had just finished the manuscript for my second book “Eat Like a Bear! Jump Start: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked.” It was one of those extremely humble-looking double-spaced manuscripts that you send to a book editor for editing and proofing. I flagged a few spots that I thought might catch his interest. That turned out to be a pretty good decision, too. It sounds like it’s his favorite of the two. I expect that is due to the core psychology message of the book. Check out the podcast with him.

Three-Day Challenge Success Cases

Feel free to explore this website, and read the main success stories that are coming out of the Eat Like a Bear! community. Increasingly, I think about our success cases in two cohorts: pre-Three-Day Challenge and post-Three-Day Challenge. 

Here’s what is interesting about my way of thinking: You know how weight loss gurus are always trying to tell you how to be and what to do? They may describe what they did in careful detail, so that you can follow it precisely. I didn’t do that (and try hard not to start doing it).

The meals in the Three-Day Challenge ARE what I ate to lose 140 pounds. However, when I started the community, I provided a very general framework of eating, and we had huge variation in implementation. From all of that variation, the meals that I feature in the Three-Day Challenge emerged as the most effective meal types in the community. I am still actually pretty amazed by that point. Sure, I ate a salad four out of five days for a year, but it doesn’t follow that my exact meal would drive so much success.

Why should I assume that my meal type was distinctly effective?

I did not actually make such an assumption, but as people modeled my eating, the salad approach became increasingly popular, leading me to write a book on it. The framework in the book drove even more success, and so we just get better and better at losing weight.

All of that is to say that many of our early success cases are the social proof that this all works. When it became increasingly clear that we had a distinctly effective approach to eating for weight loss, I packed that approach into the Three-Day Challenge.

Yes, It’s Free

As I wrote above, some of the community leaders were just a wee bit concerned that we’d go under, giving it all away for free. There is a whole free community on Facebook that costs more money to operate than it would cost to send the whole Brady Bunch to college, but as it turns out, a weight loss approach that actually works can also generate enough revenue to pay bills. The expenses behind this project are far bigger than you probably want to know (and I would have never started this had my future self whispered the cost in my ear), but the fact is that we’re keeping the ship afloat with sales from the books and digital courses.

Thank you for your support, but you should also know that when I find success cases who did it all without buying anything, that makes me very proud, too. 

Join the Three-Day Challenge

A simple and free email sequence that has driven the weight loss success of thousands of people (and even has a book dedicated to it).

What Am I Really Selling?

If you read to the very bottom to try to figure out what I am actually going to sell you, you have come to the end.

Yes, you can buy an information product. No, you sure don’t have to. You can just leave now, but I do think you should pop in your email address and go through the whole Three-Day Challenge sequence, watching a video each day, learning what it is that I actually did, and then you can unsubscribe and never hear from me again, if that’s your choice. However, if you do unsubscribe and then end up trim, I sure would love for you to report back to me. My currency is success cases, and I count them carefully. If you are the next success case, I really do want to know about it. 

I look forward to reading your story!

The Eat Like a Bear! motto:

“No drugs, no surgery, no branded products. 

Required: Your own bootstraps!”