Photo of Terane before and after 100 pound weight loss

Terane’s Weight Loss Success Story

Terane has been a member of Eat Like A Bear! since the summer of 2020 and is down 100 pounds and in the Eat Like A Bear! Century Club. At 58 years old, like many of us, she’s been through it all and found herself in the middle of a pandemic, in deep need of change. You can find Terane’s updates in the Eat Like a Bear! community, a fabulously inspirational story to follow. Congratulations, Terane!

Photo of Terane before and after 100 pound weight loss

Terane Enters a COVID Hibernation

Like many of us, Terane faced the stress of the quarantine: “During the pandemic, I was working from home, gaining weight, and hearing how Covid is worse in the obese. I had to do something. I also have a large hernia that my surgeon would not repair. He gave me referral for weight loss surgery. I was so humiliated but didn’t want surgery. My other motivation was that I want to live to watch my grandson grow up. I now have another grandchild on the way so it’s motivation to continue a health lifestyle.”

Terane continues: “However, I also had no motivation to follow yet another weight loss program. I’ve lost hundreds of pounds in the past— even gotten to my elusive goal weight once for several years only to regain it all again. My main frustration has always been that I was hungry and when I eat I would be hungry after finishing the meal. No plan ever helped with the hunger. I could not find an answer to the question why am I hungry after I eat.”

“Amanda’s Yellowstone video popped up in my YouTube persistently one day I watched it. I got the Three-Day Challenge. I stick to basic framework one meal a day with salad and protein. I may have cooked RBS (Ridiculously Big Salad) two or three times per month. I love not having to weigh and measure everything or count points for everything I eat. The first thing I noticed was that I’m hardly ever hungry even though I only eat once a day.”

“I lost 17 pounds in one month eating real food. I think the only plan that I would have lost that much on was Optifast when I drank shakes for meals. I didn’t have to modify the plan. I was surprised by how well it worked and continuing to lose weight inspired me to stick with it. I no longer feel like the poster child for weight loss failure.”   

As for her life-long problem with hunger, Terane adds: “I have not had this issue with Eat Like A Bear! because of the framework to eat walk away and live at zero. So far I find it sustainable. This way of eating is helping me since there are no snacks I don’t have the pitfall of having a small snack turn into an event of eating the whole box!”

Photo of Terane after 100 pound weight loss with Eat Like a Bear Jump Start book

Terane’s Life Has Changed

Terane reports tremendous non-scale victories: “I have more energy. I am not tired all the time. I can walk for an hour without being winded and needing to rest. I went to the park and got on the swings with my grandson. If we go to the amusement park I can fit into the rides now and I could barely do that as a teenager.   

“My blood pressure is down to normal and I may be able to get off medication. My mood has improved significantly. My dental hygienist even said my gums looked good! I have stamina that I haven’t had in years to do things around the house and yard work. This winter I shoveled snow and didn’t feel like I was about to die from exertion (but I still don’t love that chore!) Best of all my Grandson said, ‘Grandma, you are not fat anymore!’ Nothing beats that because I know my children had to grow up having the ‘Fat Mom.’

“I haven’t flown since pandemic hit but I won’t need a seat belt extender. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin than I have in quite some time.”   

Photo of Terane after 100 pound weight loss

Terane’s Top Tips

“Take pictures and measurements. Jump right in following the framework of the plan and don’t be afraid that you will fail.”

Finally, from Terane (as we get extra-emotional back here): “I wish I had all the zillions of dollars I spent on weight loss programs pills powders gadgets and the like over the years so I could give it to Amanda who is literally giving away ELAB in comparison to the snake oil sales and false promises of the weight loss industry.”


  1. I’m feeling hopeful
    I weigh 200 am 5,2
    High blood pressure recent stay in hospital 6 letters of fluid had heart attack didn’t know it
    I’m better 2 months later hard to lose weight I want to try this have a bad back which I’m sure this will help
    No energy tired all the time trying to keep blood pressure down
    Will start Monday
    Thank you

  2. You have inspired me! My children have had to have a fat Mommie too! I'm ready for a change. I'm on the first day of the three day challenege! I'm READY to have similar result as you!!! Thank you for sharing your story!

  3. sorry that went before i was ready to send-on day 6 down 5lbs -hungry but getting by-love your feedback-helping me to stay on-look forward to another wk!

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