Georgia, pictured in her before and after photos, displaying her weight loss success story

Georgia’s Weight Loss Success Story

Georgia Baker entered the Eat Like a Bear community with fire in November of 2019. She is the current group record holder among women for “time to 100 pounds down.” She lost 100 pounds in six months, to the day. Georgia is somewhat legendary in the group these days for delivering the final 60 seconds of a group-wide “You can do it!” message in this video that has been seen by 3 million people in its various versions.


Georgia’s Motivation and Past Diets

‪I was motivated to lose weight this time because, at 348 pounds, I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of my spine, degenerative disc disease, severe nerve damage in my legs and feet, and I was suffering from bad falls. I was told I would be wheelchair-bound within a few years.‬

‪When trying to lose weight in the past, I was frustrated by the promises of success and having to take all the pills, shots, shakes, or special foods, only to stop weight loss programs and gain everything back plus more.‬

‪The Eat Like a Bear Approach was Different

‪I was having lunch with some high school friends and Eat Like a Bear was recommended to me by a fellow bear.‬

‪Depending on the diet, in the past I had to eat special packaged foods, shakes, or total restrictive diets. But with Eat Like a Bear, ‪we have never been told NOT to eat anything. There are foods that are suggested we avoid, but there are no restrictions. I eat regular food, healthy foods.‬

‪Seeing Results

‪I think I started realizing the Eat Like a Bear approach was working within the third week, when I was asking myself, “Am I really feeling this good?” And my pants were loose. Now I am down seven sizes in my clothes.‬

Georgia, pictured in her before and after photos, displaying her weight loss success story

‪At 348 pounds, I could barely walk out to get my mail. It took all my energy to get from my truck to inside the grocery store and grab a shopping cart to hold me up. Now I can shop all day.

Before, I couldn’t walk down the street without my cane and without being in massive pain. Now I can walk up to three or four miles without pain. I used to need a seat in the shower because I wasn’t able to stand up long enough, and I could not sit in a booth at a restaurant. I can now!!‬

‪Tips for Newcomers

Do not be led by the scale. Watch the inches fall off with your clothes, and don’t expect it to happen overnight. Be patient and trust the process. It works! ‬

Eat Like a Bear not only changed my life, but it saved my life and my husband’s. I’m also excited that both of my girls joined, too, because of my success!‬

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