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Eat Like a Bear was founded on two key tenets of eating.

Tenet 1: Intermittent Fasting

Tenet 1 of the Bearish way of eating is limiting the block of time that you actually eat. For example, in a 24-hour block of time, you might eat for a block of 5 hours. If you haven’t tried this, you really should. It is a concept that seems strange and seems like it would not be effective, but it was a game-changer for me and has been for many others.

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Tenet 2: Keto / Low Carb

There are many variations of the recommended “keto” diet out there and I am firmly in the camp of “do what works for you.” I didn’t (and don’t) count macros and I don’t eat a precise portion of fat and protein. However, to lose weight quickly, you need to follow a diet very low in sugars and starches so that your body gets right to burning your body fat each day. Any very low carb program you follow will do this for you.

The Psychology of Success

The great success of the Eat Like a Bear community IS in part due to the food approach above, but the psychology of success may very well be what sets it apart from the herd. Do not miss this content.

Kickin’ Premium Content

Based on community interest and feedback, we’ve managed to build some kickin’ premium content over all of these years to further support your weight loss. Get in and explore any of these resources: You are about to find something to help you straighten that path. Check them out here (CLICK!)

Frequently Asked Questions (from the Eat Like a Bear! website)

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