Get Started! (Eat Like A Bear FAQs)

Amanda Rose standing under Giant Sequoia treesA personal note from Amanda Rose, Founder of Eat Like a Bear:

First, welcome to the community. I hope you will find the seeds here of your own personal transformation.

The success of this community may be historic and it is also completely unexpected. I wake up every day trying to figure out how to steer a ship I never planned to lead, a ship that I certainly did not realize even existed. Here we are. Take what you can from all of this because it is the very best that I can provide you right now.

There are two generations of content here at Eat Like a Bear and it is here for you to engage with in any way you deem appropriate for your own situation.

Find our primary success tool — The Three-Day Challenge (learn more here)

(A special note to people who are too busy to read this information: It is here when you have time to read it.)

First Generation Eat Like a Bear! Content

When I started the Facebook community in July 2018, I taught two dimensions of choice in crafting your meals for weight loss: (1) Low carb/ketogenic eating and (2) Intermittent fasting/time-restricted eating.

(Find the Facebook community here.)

Think of these dimensions like an X-Y scatter plot from 7th grade math where you can crank up each axis and see what kind of impact you  might have on your own weight. People like my husband, who did not have as much to lose and who can get away with a lot more, could eat more carbs or might be able to eat for more hours in a day than could someone like me. Community members joined and found their groove — some people ate more carbs, some ate more calories, some ate in more hours. We had a real fabulous variation in implementation.

(As you get to know me, you will see that I have a very high value for “variation in implementation” because I am just sure that we are winning when we don’t all have to follow each other around lock step.)

The materials here on this page reflect that early content and will help you find your path. The community’s first digital book, the short and simple “Bear Bones Blueprint” is based on this first generation content and drove a lot of early success cases. (Though it is no longer available.) Some people read this book and craft a solution for themselves.

There is a huge amount of content on this site representing this first generation approach. Besides the digital book, it is all completely free for you. In fact, our earliest success cases didn’t even have the little book, and so this is a key reason we say all the time “You don’t have to buy this book (or this course or whatnot) to succeed.”

We had a lot of success here before we ever generated any revenue.

As people find us in our “Second Generation” phase in 2020, the diversity of implementation does not make a whole lot of sense. I made this video to clarify.

Second Generation Eat Like a Bear! Content

The “Second Generation Content” at Eat Like a Bear is the various tools I create for the community based on my own analysis of what is driving success. I have a Ph.D. in political science and am a well-trained case analyst. I have access to thousands of people in the community implementing variations of low carb eating and intermittent fasting. I created the Three-Day Challenge, for instance, based on what emerged from the group as the most effective framework for weight loss. As a result, it was my observation of success of cases that established the content for the Three-Day Challenge. 

The Three-Day Challenge is our Second Generation Free-Line Content

Scour all of the FAQs and information below — largely our First Generation content. However, do not overlook our key success tool: The Three-Day Challenge. I show you the meal framework that has driven the most success in the community. It is a powerful place to start.

Find the Three-Day Challenge here.

The Three-Day Challenge is a free email sequence in which you receive a three-day shopping list and recipes and then join me each day in videos that I send to you via email. 

As you watch our success cases explode here in 2020-2021, make no mistake that the Three-Day Challenge drives a ridiculous amount of this success. The Challenge is featured in a December 2020 issue of Woman’s World magazine. It is the only case I know of a free email sequence being featured in mainstream national press.

As you begin here at Eat Like a Bear, in my opinion, it is a huge mistake if you do not take advantage of this free resource.

Much of the rest of the Second Generation content here is premium content: You have to pay for it

The harsh fact is that as this community has grown, it has gotten awfully expensive. I could send the entire Brady Bunch to college on what it costs me to monitor the community and to provide support for our free-to-you Three-Day Challenge. All of this is now paid through sales of premium information content here. Thank you for your support.

Find the premium content here.

Amanda Rose, Ph.D. outside, hand on hip, smilingNo one needs to buy this content but it has helped a whole lot of people straighten the line between A and B. I currently spend about 90% of my own content time on the premium content. It is far more up to date and organized than is our First Generation Content.

At this point I direct you below to our First Generation Content which should answer an awful lot of basic questions community members generally have.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you keep in touch.

Amanda Rose, Founder, Eat Like a Bear!

Tenet 1: Intermittent Fasting

Tenet 1 of the Bearish way of eating is limiting the block of time that you actually eat. For example, in a 24-hour block of time, you might eat for a block of 5 hours. If you haven’t tried this, you really should. It is a concept that seems strange and seems like it would not be effective, but it was a game-changer for me and has been for many others.

Here are some resources:

Tenet 2: Keto / Low Carb

There are many variations of the recommended “keto” diet out there and I am firmly in the camp of “do what works for you.” I didn’t (and don’t) count macros and I don’t eat a precise portion of fat and protein. However, to lose weight quickly, you need to follow a diet very low in sugars and starches so that your body gets right to burning your body fat each day. Any very low carb program you follow will do this for you.

The Psychology of Success

The great success of the Eat Like a Bear community IS in part due to the food approach above, but the psychology of success may very well be what sets it apart from the herd. Do not miss this content. I expect we will look back on this content as our “Third Generation” content.

The resources here are a bit old, but as I generate new content in this category, it is based on observations of our earlier cases — for instance “finish line” cases versus people who lost significant amounts of weight and then stopped losing (maybe regaining some pounds, etc). I continue to learn about myself and observing other community members also helps me shine a brighter light on issues that may be important to us.

Frequently Asked Questions (from this website)

More FAQs in the ELAB Group on Facebook

The Eat Like a Bear group on Facebook is a “closed” group which means you can only see the content if you are a member. Hopefully you’re a member so you can actually see these answers because there is truly a heroic collection of FAQs in the group which you can scroll through fairly quickly to find topics of interest. Facebook allows us few organizational options so this is basically as good as it gets. Jackie Patti spent hours creating this tool to help you find answers as quickly as possible given the structures we have access to.

Find the Eat Like a Bear! Facebook community FAQs here: Facebook group Eat Like a Bear! FAQS.

The most frequently-asked of the FAQs in the group (members only content):

“I feel queasy, fluish, have muscle cramps, etc.” You may need to add electrolytes (some basic minerals) to your regimen. Read in the group here.

“What are Type 2 diabetics doing?” Read more in the group here.

“What can I drink while fasting?” Read different views in the group here.