Eat Like A Bear! Revenue Philosophy

To our community (from Amanda Rose):

You already have all you need to lose the weight you desire, before finding us here at Eat Like a Bear! It is our mission and core philosophy to help shine a bit of light on your path.

Since you already have everything you need, you obviously do not need to buy anything here. Make no mistake about that.

Since many of us have struggled so much for so long in the question of “how to lose weight,” a core mission here at Eat Like a Bear! is to drive massive, life-changing levels of weight loss. Anyone anywhere can learn the very core of what we do in our free Three-Day Challenge (here). Please take advantage of that key tool and lean into the amazing transformational stories coming out of our community. Over the years, I have built premium content for those who want to dig in deeper. That content has driven additional success in our community. Read more about our free versus premium (paid) content here (ClICK!)

Founded in one of California’s most impoverished and most obese counties, Eat Like a Bear! seeks to be accessible to everyone.

The primary vehicle to learn our approach is in the free Three-Day Challenge, a simple mini-course via email. The Three-Day Challenge holds nothing back in teaching you the main meal framework that is driving success in the community.

The framework can be implemented on food stamps.

From this mission has come massive weight loss success, notably a possibly-record-setting rate of “Century Bears” (those who have lost 100+ pounds since finding us). As the community counted up to our 100th Century Bear case in the spring of 2021, I recounted the history of Eat Like a Bear and described a few core mission-based points.

From unexpected beginnings (and no business plan)

I lost 140 pounds and had unexpected success with a viral video. I built a community around that video and used my professional background as an analyst and teacher to support it. The video, A Postcard from Yellowstone, may be the most impactful weight loss video in social media. A core reason for its success is that the content is highly accessible financially but is also simple to implement.

I have begun to recount the business back stories on LinkedIn, including:

The Eat Like a Bear Revenue Direction

We have reinvested every dollar of revenue back into the Eat Like a Bear community (and have not taken any pay in these four years of service). In that spirit of service, I know that we would have more success community-wide with more revenue.

Bearish Product Development

Four years in, I have a growing sense of the core messages that are driving our unusual levels of success in weight loss. A big part of our success has been in NOT selling products that are often associated with weight loss (e.g. weight loss accelerator products, food supplements, and specialty foods). As I look to scaling these specific messages, we are also looking to funding them through our own physical products. Look for additional revenue streams at Eat Like a Bear in the future, including a basic selection of merch items and consumer-oriented products, all of which we identify as having the potential to drive BOTH weight loss success AND revenue.

Seeking Brand Partnerships

As we grow our main message in social media video, I am seeking compatible brand partners likely in these categories:

Travel/Adventure: At Eat Like a Bear, our tagline is “Eat and go be awesome.” Seeing community members out living their most vibrant lives IS the inspiration that drives a lot of the success you are seeing here on this platform. In our roadmap is to produce far more video content on the “go be awesome” part of what we do. The great thing is that a whole lot of awesomeness is cheap and free, so you will find me out doing that. If you represent a brand that can help us elevate this message, please contact me. (Including: flights, cars, RVs, gasoline, lodging)

Vegetables/Lettuce. The core food that unites the Eat Like a Bear community is vegetables, and we eat a whole lot of them. We have filled shopping carts with lettuce and cauliflower for years here. If you represent a brand that would like our help in filling shopping carts with more of your vegetables, please contact me. (If you represent some other sort of food, I am sure it is awesome, but it is not likely a fit.)

Functional Fashion. The focus of Eat Like a Bear is to get out and live our most vibrant lives and how we look doing so is irrelevant. However, the community tends to be rural and in the heartland with goals of getting back out, working hard and playing hard. In this category, we would be looking for a brand that wants its products to be tested to the limits, getting completely filthy and maybe even ruined, as characters in the larger story of our vibrant lives.

More Background

I have discussed our revenue model very little publicly, but did so for the community in the spring of 2021 as we counted up our our “Century Bears,” preparing to hit 100. These two videos are from that season.

“I measure the time I spend at Eat Like a Bear according to this: Will my time improve our rate of success?

Listen to Amanda’s YouTube live about measuring success.

“We need revenue to pay our increasing bills for free content, but we put the revenue right back into growing our message.”

Listen to Amanda’s YouTube live about the Eat Like a Bear! revenue model.(Also: “You’re more likely to find me as a rodeo clown in Idaho than selling Eat Like a Bear to venture capitalists.” and “I have yet to be paid, at all, for my work at Eat Like a Bear!”)