Eat Like A Bear! Philosophy

You already have all you need to lose the weight you desire, before finding us here at Eat Like a Bear! It is our mission and core philosophy to help shine a bit of light on your path.

Since you already have everything you need, you obviously do not need to buy anything here. Make no mistake about that.

Since many of us have struggled so much for so long in the question of “how to lose weight,” a core mission here at Eat Like a Bear! is to drive massive, life-changing levels of weight loss for free.

Founded in one of California’s most impoverished and most obese counties, Eat Like a Bear! seeks to be accessible to everyone.

The primary vehicle to learn our approach is in the free Three-Day Challenge, a simple mini-course via email. The Three-Day Challenge holds nothing back in teaching you the main meal framework that is driving success in the community.

The framework can be implemented on food stamps.

However, since Amanda Rose founded this community in July of 2018, there has been growing demand for additional content and support. From that demand comes a selection of premium (paid) content that is available should you choose it. (You can read more about that here, CLICK!)

From this mission has come massive weight loss success, notably a possibly-record-setting rate of “Century Bears” (those who have lost 100+ pounds since finding us). As the community counted up to our 100th Century Bear case in the spring of 2021, Amanda Rose recounted the history of Eat Like a Bear and described a few core mission-based points.

“I measure the time I spend at Eat Like a Bear according to this: Will my time improve our rate of success?

Listen to Amanda’s YouTube live about measuring success.

“We need revenue to pay our increasing bills for free content, but we put the revenue right back into growing our message.”

Listen to Amanda’s YouTube live about the Eat Like a Bear! revenue model.(Also: “You’re more likely to find me as a rodeo clown in Idaho than selling Eat Like a Bear to venture capitalists.” and “I have yet to be paid, at all, for my work at Eat Like a Bear!”)