Why these Soups and Skillets are Game-Changers for Weight Loss (+ Cabbage Soup Diet)

We’ve all tried soup for weight loss before, if we have any years on us at all, and if we’ve struggled for more than a minute with our weight.

The “Cabbage Soup Diet” is a classic example. Ninety-five percent of chunky people across time and space have used it to trim up a bit.

The Cabbage Soup Diet works for short-term weight loss success, which is why it has survived, in its own faddish way, for decades.

How can we leverage what we’ve learned with that classic diet faddish soup and implement actual long-term change?

That may be our real specialty here at Eat Like a Bear!

In fact, I dare say that it was my experience with the Cabbage Soup Diet in the 90s that was the seeds of my own success as well as the massive amount of social proof for it you can find in the community.

I combined my wisdom and experience from decades of failure and rolled it up into one great ball of implementation success that has launched me into a whole new vibrant life.

The editor’s at Woman’s World magazine took note and featured my approach, profiling community members Shon Tetik and Jackie Patti.

A collage of the feature article in Woman's World magazine, showcasing the headline on the cover "Triple Threat Keto"
Woman’s World, October 18, 2021

This is as Simple as it Gets

…and it turns out that is a key reason we are seeing so much success.

If we are going to do something every single day for months to meet our long-term goal and to get out and live a vibrant life, it surely needs to be simple.

When we wake up on a ho-hum day, we need to be ready with a way of eating that we can implement nearly without thought.

I discuss the importance of this strategy in the book Half My Size with Soups, Skillets, and Sautes, in what I describe as my own “Good Day Strategies.” This concept is very simple: on good days, we find our favorite recipes that are driving our success and we practice implementing them to such a degree that we are ready to whip them up, nearly automatically, on our bad days.

because you really do need to be ready for the bad days…

I captured a bad day on camera, with a salad. Check out that grumpiness and disdain right there on TikTok.

Ha ha!

Do you see how much effort it takes me to whip that up?

Yes, it’s so simple that when you’re tired and grumpy and just need a solution, you are completely tooled up.

You are READY and you have set your intention to push through that bad day with eating that is on-point.

and you need to implement it consistently over the long term…

Did you ever do the Cabbage Soup Diet and then just get fat again?

Ha ha!


The Cabbage Soup Diet is the classic example of a short-term weight loss solution. It works. It can drive really admirable success in the 3-7 days that people typically implement it

But as I say in the TikTok video, how many of us just immediately gained that weight back?

Seriously, life is just too short to yo-yo around here.

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Cabbage Soup Recipe (The Eat Like a Bear Version)

  • 8 ounces (240 g) ham, cooked
  • ½ head cabbage, chopped
  • One quart (1 liter) chicken broth
  • ½ teaspoon (2 ml) garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon (2 ml) onion powder
  • ½ teaspoon (2 ml) salt
  • ½ teaspoon (2 ml) pepper

Cook, stove top, medium high for about 25 minutes, then add:

  • 1 cup (120 g) Cheddar (grated)

Cabbage Soup Diet: The Benefits

Yes, I have done the Cabbage Soup Diet multiple times and it was that experience that helped shape what I would implement in the fall of 2017 to lose half my body weight. The Cabbage Soup Diet has some really great elements:

  • It’s naturally low in calories.
  • It’s simple.
  • It’s cheap as heck.
  • It’s filling. (Cabbage is one of the most filling of vegetables.)

Cabbage Soup Diet: The Down Side

The reasons we’ve stayed pretty fat despite the benefits of the cabbage soup diet are basically these:

  • It’s boring.
  • It’s a bit lean and restrictive for any long-game implementation.
  • It has no real long-game intention about it.

I discuss all of this in a good bit of detail on YouTube.

For the long game, you need some actual variation in flavor and texture, and you probably need a few more calories…

The classic Cabbage Soup Diet is basic and austere. It works for short-term weight loss due to its fairly extreme calorie restriction. However, it is difficult to implement over a long period of time simply due to its basic, boring nature.

How we’ve ended up “better than the Cabbage Soup Diet” here at Eat Like a Bear!

The Cabbage Soup Diet has been a cult classic over the years, but we’ve found no triple-digit success stories behind the diet alone, nor any strong maintenance stories.

In sharp contrast, in three short years in a relatively small community, we had 100 people lose 100+ pounds, and thousands of other weight loss success cases.

Learn our massively popular eating framework, for free, via email

I really don’t want to spend a whole lot of time trying to convince you how powerfully effective we are here at Eat Like a Bear in weight loss. I just want you to experience it.

Give me three days and I’ll show you how powerfully well this weight loss approach works. Take the Three-Day Challenge here at Eat Like a Bear and experience the difference for yourself. It is a free mini-course that I conduct by email. I teach you the eating framework in detail. Take that framework and run with it.

A national magazine recognized the heat of the Three-Day Challenge and put it on its cover.

Compositional graphic of the December 28 2020 issue of Woman's World with Kathie Lee on the cover and Melinda and Gail's Eat Like a Bearstory
It is free and can be implemented on food stamps, so there is absolutely no reason you cannot try it out this minute.

But I digress, because I was talking about boring cabbage soup and how we’re a whole lot better….

Let’s be real. We need flavor and we need variation if we’re eating this longer than a week.

The food framework we lean into here at Eat Like a Bear is can mixed and matched with flavors and textures to help us when that long game in weight loss, but also beat the eating boredom that often comes with it.

I spoke about this point with an editor of Woman’s World magazine. We laughed about our memories of the old cabbage soup diet: Boring and austere. (They are the ones who called the Eat Like a Bear approach “A Triple Threat.”)

Since I don’t act, sing, or dance, I’ve never imagined being called a Triple Threat, but here we are, also at my lowest weight as an adult…

Yes, it’s dead-simple

Learn the framework for free in the Three-Day Challenge here (CLICK!)

It’s easy to take it for granted because of this, or to take the framework for granted because of its simplicity. Simplicity IS a reason for its success, but in part because of the intention we use in our implementation.

(Learn more about the Three-Day Challenge here.)

Basically, this simple bowl of soup can also be packed with a whole psychology of success.

Practice this simple way of eating on your good days with the intention of implementing this like a pro on your bad days.

Do that every single day this week and then keep going, long past the seven days of the old Cabbage Soup Diet. Live in your progress. Experience the difference. Let that reflection be your fuel for more weight loss and weight maintenance.


  1. Agreed! I’ve been following the cabbage soup diet for a few days now and I’ve already lost 3lbs. It’s amazing how much weight I can lose just by incorporating those soups and skillets into my meals. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s definitely a game-changer for my weight loss journey!

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