Anna, pictured in her before and after photos, displaying her weight loss success story

Anna’s Weight Loss Success Story

Anna Sul is also known as “Bear #2.” She is one of the moms at my sons’ school and approached me in the parking lot at school one day, asking what specifically what I was doing. She was the first person in my life to follow what I did, and that was only when I was down about 70 pounds. What I didn’t know at the time was that her doctor had just warned her that at her next appointment she would need to start medication for her Type 2 Diabetes.

It was only about six weeks later that I was in a bathroom in a suburb near Philadelphia and got an excited text from Anna telling me about the rapid change in her health. I was blown away. I had no idea she had a health concern, nor did I know she had actually implemented this eating plan. Anna has many cases of Type 2 Diabetes in her family, right here in Tulare County, California’s capitol of diabetes. We hope to change that statistic one person at a time, starting with the Sul family. This is Anna’s weight loss success story.


Anna and Amanda, outside

‪Anna’s Motivation and Past Diets

‪The first time I started was to avoid diabetic, high blood pressure, and lipid medications. You know, to save my life.‬

‪Recently, after over a year of maintenance and much better health, I decided that I am now mature enough to handle going all the way to a normal BMI and looking perhaps even younger than the first time. 😊‬

‪Having thyroid, adrenal, and insulin problems, plus being 50 years old, made it difficult to lose weight and feel healthy. A somewhat low carbohydrate diet ten years before helped me slow down the advancement of my metabolic problems, but I still didn’t understand that it was fine to take little vacations from food too.‬

‪Honestly, I had been watching Amanda Rose and reading Dr. Fung for a while, but a bout of food poisoning motivated me to try a fast. I knew that it would be okay to listen to my body, so I made some electrolytes and went for it. I soon felt so much better and was able to comfortably digest food again.‬

The Eat Like a Bear Approach was Different

‪I ate my favorite meaty, decadently colorful, and flavorful salads, along with and tasty roasted or sautéed veggie and protein dishes. I also had nourishing meat-broth-based leafy green soups.‬ ‪I ate either once a day, usually at night with my family, every other day, or twice a day, alternating two meals a day with longer extended fasts.‬

‪The fasting and honoring my body when I wasn’t hungry was a game-changer. Not only did my hunger reduce, but I began to only crave good, nourishing foods. I had more energy, a decrease in diabetic symptoms, and felt about 10 years younger before I had even lost much weight.‬

Anna and Amanda, outside

‪Seeing Results

‪I looked in the mirror two weeks after my first fast and noticed a difference in my face. I weighed myself and was shocked to see over a 10-pound loss. ‬‪I knew it was improving my diabetes and my blood pressure, but I never considered this happy bonus.‬

‪I can now allow photos graciously and confidently. I can buy size medium shirts and pants, instead of extra, extra larges. I can wear shoes that aren’t in wide sizes. I can be outside in the heat, and I can dance longer. I can wear a sports bra. My rings are loose. I can sing better because my asthma inflammation and sinus inflammation are fantastically improved.‬ ‪I have good blood pressure, good blood glucose, and I feel stronger with better, younger skin, even though I’m 53 now.‬

Tips for Newcomers

Join the group. Read the Units and Frequently Asked Questions. Be sure to get some substantial electrolytes lined up. Join the three-day challenge.‬

‪If you like to have everything already planned and written out for you, invest in Amanda’s digital Ridiculously Big Salad course. It has a six-week salad plan, printables, a bunch of cooked meals, and instructional videos that follow the book and were recorded right from Amanda’s kitchen. It is optional but well worth it.‬

Anna, pictured in her before and after photos, displaying her weight loss success story

‪Prepare to be surprised and to change in ways beyond weight and size.‬ ‪Of course, if you are on any meds, be sure to monitor yourself often and coordinate with your doctor. It’s surprising how quickly your blood glucose and blood pressure can drop into normal ranges. You need a responsive medical plan to safely lower your meds as you start to heal.‬

‪Take photos. Even if you never share them, you may need those pictures to believe what you just did. 😊‬


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I am a 73 year old women with no health issues (amazing right?). However, I am over weight! I attribute my good health to 2 things: 1) God and 2) exercises. I’ve “ALWAYS” did some type of exercise (I think I’m addicted to it)..

    Lately, due to COVID-19, my drug of choice is usually walking. Prior to this it was walking and weights daily. I would also include water aerobics 2X a week.. However, I ate “ANYTHING & EVERYTHING!”

    I did take the 3 day challenge and dropped 7lbs. By the end of the 2nd week I was down 12lbs! However, my problem? I just can’t stick to it. I actually gained back 4lbs by the end of the month! What is wrong with me???? Yes, I want to lose the weight but, I feel so disappointed and defeated!!

    I just need to vent!! Bottom line, I know its up to me! I know help comes at a cost ($) but, why??? Yes I can afford to pay for it! But I must admit, your advice just seems to be a money grab! I’m not trying to offend you but, looking for honest help that doesn’t have a $ sign attached to it!

    If you could give me one piece of advice, what would it be, beside buying your book? Again no offense intended, just asking.

    1. Get into the Three-Day Challenge and follow it again and again. We have people doing that successfully every single day here. As for my “money grab,” the revenue pays for these free resources. It also pays for me to offer extremely high-quality content like the psychology content (that is still in development). I definitely get comments all the time that I should make these available for free as well, but they would never exist if I couldn’t pass the hat to pay for it. Read more about the revenue model and what it funds here:

      Here’s another discussion of what is free and what is paid:

      If we’re really just being honest here, I’m just going to add that your main excuse for your own progress appears to be that I want your money. You do already have everything you need, because you only need yourself. You can make use of my free resources for free. We had success here before there was any paid content at all. If you need more from me, yes, you will need to pay for it. I don’t even apologize about that boundary.

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