Amanda Rose posing with pants that are too tight

I didn’t weigh for 4 1/2 years! My pants are TIGHT! — aka “The 30-DAY CHALLENGE!”

I weighed myself in January of 2019 and then I didn’t weigh for 4 1/2 years….


I found myself in August of 2023 out on a hike in Yosemite. I had no idea what I actually weighed but I did know this: My pants had gotten tight.

It is such a long story about how I ended up here and I will tell it all through these weeks.

However, skipping to the conclusion:

I weighed and I said, “Holy cow! You can fit A LOT of pounds in a pair of pants!”

Good news: I’ve never spent five years of my life, ever, in the same size pants. Not ever.

What a flippin’ miracle.

Truth bomb: I’ve got to flippin’ lose weight!!!

Lose Weight With Me In The 30-Day Challenge

And that, my friends, is to say: I am in a weight loss phase RIGHT NOW.

I am leveraging the meals I used to lose 140 pounds in the first place and it’s the perfect time for you to join me.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an OG member of Eat Like a Bear from 2018 who also needs to button those pants, or if you just found us five minutes ago. The food, eating, recipes, and mindset are the same.

The recipes have extreme social proof, but we’re turning up the heat with this 30-Day Challenge.

Browse the Eat Like a Bear website, community, and press mentions. Our approach to eating is extremely effective for weight loss. We don’t even get in discussions about that. Our success cases speak for themselves.

We’ve got an impressive foundation of resources for you to explore, all complimentary. I have spent five years building them for you. We have books for added support.

However, in 2024, we are launching in beta a browser-based Recipe Finder tool to make your meal planning easier, and to set your weight loss on fire.

To launch of our Recipe Finder tool, I am leading a 30-day weight loss challenge WITH YOU.

Kimberly Lost 15 Pounds in 30 Days (All For That Car Sticker)

That’s Kimberly in the picture above.

She lost 15 pounds in 30 days, due to a little car sticker.

She’s become a legend in the Deep Den for her progress.

I had issued the call: “Meet or beat my own 30-day weight loss and I’ll send you a car sticker.”

That was way back in August.

Kimberly was determined to BEAT ME and so every time that little voice popped up in her head: “That chocolate bar is keto and just one won’t matter…”

She squashed the voice: “I’m getting my car sticker!!”

She did it.

She stayed very diligent and consistent for 30 days and completely crushed it right into the ground. She started at only 180 pounds, so a 15 pound loss was really very extraordinary.

What is more extraordinary?

She used that steam and she kept on going, leveraging the momentum lose some more.

And that’s the power of a little car sticker. 😉

That 30 Day Challenge back in August? That was our practice run. We had so many weight loss cases in the Deep Den that month that I knew we needed to take that show on the road.

And here we are!

Come and get me, guys!!!!

Meet or beat my own 30-day weight loss results and I’ll send you a car sticker.

(Your car sticker will look different from Kimberly’s. We are designing an exclusive one for this winter 2024 challenge.)

How Do YOU Join The Challenge?

How do you get all these recipes to help keep you focused through these 30 days and beyond?

I am glad you asked!

How do you get added support from me via email, with all the wisdom behind me of leading this community over these years?

I am glad you asked!

How do you win the prizes for the challenge?

I am glad you asked!

You simply need to join our Recipe-Finder community, a modest little pay-to-play sub-community of Eat Like a Bear.

It turns out that the sponsor of this 30-Day Challenge is YOU, the subscriber to the Eat Like a Bear Recipe Finder App.

There is a HUGE amount of value packed into this simple little tool, a resource that will drive tens of thousands of pounds of weight loss in 2024, and you can turn up the heat right now on your own weight loss by joining.

(And, really, who is a better sponsor than ourselves? I could be selling supplements you don’t need or high-dollar foods that you also don’t need, instead we keep our core goals in alignment by sponsoring ourselves.)

Grab the Recipe Finder and Meal Planner tool right here! (CLICK!!!)

We Are Funding Massive Community Success With This Recipe Finder Tool

If you are new here you should know that this is a special and unique season at Eat Like a Bear because, for the first time as a community, we are focused on our Big Goal for April 2024. We will celebrate that and all of the community’s awesomeness in a unique community event during the total solar eclipse in early April. We will do so in an in-person meet-up and we will do so digitally across our entire community.

What exactly will we be doing in April? THAT depends on our budget. We currently have zero budget for this event and will painfully bootstrap everything we can if that is what we must do.

However, I will fold 100% of revenue in January 2024 from the Eat Like a Bear Recipe-Finder right into our spring Big Goal activities.

You can help us by throwing a few dollars into the kitty, by subscribing to the Recipe-Finder App.

Your funds will then drive additional community success.

That additional community success includes YOU, so you really are re-investing in yourself by jumping into the Recipe-Finder App.

I am asking all community members, old, new, borrowed, and blue, to jump in and support this activity and mission.

The value exchange is really very big here: The content in the recipe tool is worth FAR MORE than what I am asking, especially given the massive amounts of social proof we have that our approach drives real weight loss success.

I offer it at this low price because I expect I can get a lot of you to jump in.

Your own success rate is likely to go up by using the recipe tool AND THEN your individual success will help keep the fire burning across this whole community.

And so that’s it… Join me for the 30-Day Challenge. Get a heck of a lot of support inside the Recipe Finder community. The funds will be sewn back into our community message and we will all win.

And there’s not even any actual risk because you can check out the Recipe Finder tool with a 7-day free trial. (You’ll see that option as a default in the cart.)

There are no long-term financial commitments with this Recipe Finder tool.

What You Get

As a subscriber to the Eat Like a Bear Recipe-Finder tool, you get:

  • All of the core “Ridiculously Big” meals here at Eat Like a Bear, our meal framework driving so much of the success you are seeing. As of our launch in January 2024, most recipes from both books are included. Additional new recipes are included. Jump into the 7-day free trial to get a sense of what’s inside. I think you’re going to like it.
  • The ability to create meal plans and shopping lists from those recipes.
  • The weekly “Tasty Tuesday” email from me which will highlight recipes in the Recipe Finder tool and food-related concepts that will help you with your weight loss.
  • For this special 30-day challenge, you can earn an Eat Like a Bear “Go be awesome” cling car sticker if you meet or beat my own weight loss in 30 days. (The sticker will be exclusive to this challenge. It will be awarded at the end of the challenge. I will ship stickers globally.)
  • You have flexibility in your 30 day start date, but you must report in by midnight Pacific on February 29 to qualify for a prize. You will receive reporting details by email which will be available for reporting by January 25, 2024.

We’re all competitive around here, but you do surely know the most important person to beat in weight loss: Yourself, from yesterday…

(That’s the real goal of the 30-Day Challenge.)

Eating Is Expensive But Eat Like a Bear Is Not

The average American spends about $350 per month on groceries and $150 on eating out, for a total of $500 per month.

That’s a good bit of money, but the harsh reality of that $500 is that many of us also end up pretty darned fat.

I know. I am the president of that club. I clocked in at 280 pounds at 48 years old before I finally put all of this together, went viral, and found myself unexpectedly leading the Eat Like a Bear community, which has thousands of weight loss cases to date.

One of the points that makes me most proud about Eat Like a Bear is that our eating approach can be done on a SNAP (food stamp) budget. Once on TikTok I shopped for our Three-Day Challenge and spent $6/day on food ($180/month). In reality, I tend to spend more than that, but the point is that I do not have to.

Really, you can straight-up save money with the way we eat, and probably more still with this Recipe Finder tool because it is designed to help you bulk-prepare foods and catch supermarket sales.

Weight Loss is Expensive But Eat Like a Bear Is Not

There is a broad misconception that weight loss is just for the rich and that is because weight loss marketers are always trying to sell you a weight loss product. Yes, some of those products are ridiculously expensive.

Cost of Medications

Eli Lilly will sell you Mounjaro for about $1,000/mo and you get to take it for the rest of your life. Mounjaro will help you come to fullness in your eating and it will reduce the “food noise” in your head (all of the “thinking about food” we tend to do).

What else will help you reach fullness AND reduce your food noise? Yes, you guessed it, the modest little approach here at Eat Like a Bear. Save your $1,000/mo and your life-long commitment to medication with unknown side-effects.

Cost of Weight Loss Accelerators

We are all looking for that magic bullet and a whole lot of companies are happy to take our money for them. A popular one these days is a ketone product, to the tune of about $300/month. Hundreds of companies promote supplements in the $30-$100 per month range.

Eat Like a Bear, as a matter of philosophy, sells no supplemental weight loss products.

Cost of Special Foods

Let’s be real. There are lots of claims out there about specific foods, and those claims often come at a hefty price tag.

Sure, there are certain foods you see a lot of here in our community, but they are simple and inexpensive. They will build your long-term health and help you meet your long-term goals.

Eat Like a Bear Is Not a Deep-Cover Ploy to Get Your Money

We are legit back here. Lose weight and save money at the same time.

I know it sounds crazy and I do get comments in social media that I am really in a deep cover ploy to get your money.

This is the funniest concern out there and, frankly, I’d be skeptical too, but there are quite a few videos where I discuss the point that I have forgone any sort of salary for these 5+ years and have folded all revenue back into the community.

I am asking you now for a really pretty small dollar to fold back in, an amount that’s pretty itty bitty compared to my years in service to you and the larger community here at Eat Like a Bear.

I used to make real money as a consultant/data analyst, so I have reinvested a great deal into this community myself, and five years of that is a commitment most people simply cannot or won’t make.

As a case in point, if you see me in person, you may note that I drive a 2003 SUV held together with zip ties.

This car’s nickname is “Zippy,” in honor of the zip ties holding him together.

If this is a deep cover ploy, I am a really exceptional actor because I do think most people would be driving a newer car by now …

Here I am way up in the middle of nowhere tying up the car parts….

Oh, here I am again…this time with my son…

The car is an Acura, a luxury SUV from 2002, and given to us by my in-laws in 2009….

I made some very good financial decisions all of those years of money-earning, keeping me more free than most to be able to give back in this way.

I also apparently don’t care what people may say about my car…

But let’s not overlook a key point here….

Who Else Wants To Be Able To LAY ON THE GROUND Fixing Their Own Car AND THEN — Get Themselves Up Again OFF THE GROUND?

Y’all know what I’m talking about!!!

Jump into the Eat Like a Bear Recipe-Finder tool and join the 30-Day Challenge!

You too may very soon be picking yourself up from the DIRT after zip-tying your car together!

This Is Me In My 30 Days, How About You?

Okay, so this photo is from September, but it is the vision for myself in my own 30 days.


There is a 7-day free trial, so I don’t even know why I wrote all that because you should already be in.

It is a no-brainer.

But maybe you read all the way to the bottom, way down here, because, you too, will be posting photos of zip-tying your car together on some wild adventures.

THAT is our real specialty here at Eat Like a Bear.

I look forward to your story and to your adventure photos!


  1. I’m in! I’ve been following and dipping my toes in for over a year. It’s time to bet on myself and dive in. Thank you Amanda and Sander for all that you have invested in this community. I have a grandson now and it’s time to
    get up and down from the ground with ease.

  2. I am in day 3 of the challenge and I have noticed 1 thing right away. I have had acid reflux so bad that just drinking coffee in the morning causes it to flare up. Since I started this way of eating it has completely disappeared. That was one of my driving reasons to start ELAB. I feel so much better in just 3 days. I just love the recipe app and I think it is a game changer. I also have both books but I love all the new recipes. Thank you for what you are doing!

  3. I jumped in for the 6 day Soup Challenge and continuing for this 30 day challenge. Thank you Amanda! It’s there any other link I need, or acceptance from Sander?

    1. You’re in, Karen! Have you gotten access to the Recipe Finder? Deep Den members just need to email support for access.

      I’m excited!!!

  4. I am in! I am doing the 6 days of soup challenge right now, and I will be diving into the next challenge too! Thank you Amanda and Sander for all you do! Let’s do this!

  5. Amanda – I thought the exact same thing! Who can lay on the ground and get back up gracefully? Bears can because they embraced this way of eating and have AMAZING results! This Recipe Finder is a great resource for everyone to dig in and get it done! 2024 is the year to kick it up! ❤️

  6. I’m in:) I just purchased the recipe finder tool and am ready for success in2024:)
    I loved the first soup, and have all the ingredients for the next 5!

  7. I’m in!! Using App to plan this weeks meals. Joined a virtual walk for the Scottish highlands in 83 days and I will be going there to celebrate!!

  8. I have just finished my 30 days! I started out in the 6 Days of Soup Challenge and then just continued on from there. The results are in. Drum roll, please! I am down 21.4 lbs in 30 days!!

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