Snacking and Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting? (Night Time Snacks?)

We are all used to “snacking,” but what about snacking while intermittent fasting? Many of us were raised on snacking, urged on by the makers of pretzels, potato chips, crackers, jerky, spiced nuts, and soda pop. We’ve been encouraged to eat “six little meals a day” — meals looking very snack-like.

Ought we be snacking if we are serious about intermittent fasting for weight loss?

If the reason that intermittent fasting works so well for weight loss for many of us is because we are reducing the number of times during the day that we spike our blood sugar with food, then we want to keep doing less blood sugar spiking, not more.

Snacks spike our blood sugar even if they are little, low carb snacks. A big donut and soda pop will spike your blood sugar more than a jerky strip, but both will spike your blood sugar.

Work hard on breaking the snack habit.

Night Time Snacks and Intermittent Fasting

Night time snacks are especially bad, since we end up sleeping with our stomach full. Night time snack habits are also some of the most difficult to break. Fight like heck to break the night time habit. I did so for alcohol and realize how hard it is. I describe in the Facebook video below how I broke the night time alcohol habit. You can use the same approach for a snack habit. It’s worth it!

Explore more information on this website, including whether you should be following a keto diet for weight loss, which includes my own way of thinking about going low carb and losing weight aggressively.


  1. Hi Amanda!
    There is so much information for a newbie to look at.
    Really enjoying all the videos. Weight is going down slowly but I feel great.

  2. Hi, I just received your book. It looks great especially since I love salads However I have a bad time with low blood sugar. Any suggestions for me?

    Thanks so much,

    Cathy from TX

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