Photo of Krysten before and after 72 pound weight loss

Krysten’s Weight Loss Success Story

Krysten lost 72 pounds with Eat Like a Bear! She started on May 28, 2020, at 231 pounds. As of March 30, 2021, she weighs 158 pounds. Below she tells how Eat Like a Bear! has made a difference for her:

My Motivation

I have had struggles with weight since childhood, and after a quick weight gain of 15 pounds during the first few months of COVID lockdown, I exacerbated my stage 4 endometriosis and experienced flare-ups of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, which is very much like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. All of my clothes were getting too tight and uncomfortable, and I felt very tired and gross all the time. I finally had enough and decided to try a keto diet.

My Frustrations in the Past with Trying to Lose Weight

Photo of Krysten after 72 pound weight loss

I have dieted, it seems, forever. I had a big weight loss of 90 pounds when I was in my early twenties, but basically started to gain it all back again as soon as I hit my goal weight. Eventually, I did gain most of it back and tried many different diet plans to help me get back to a healthy weight. I was on a doctor-supervised diet program, but it was basically the same old calorie restriction we all know doesn’t work. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, macrobiotic, vegan, juice fasts, NOOM, etc., etc., etc., but I would lose maybe 10-15 pounds, plateau, and feel weak and hungry all the time. I worked out with a nutrition and exercise coach too, and spent thousands on her program, but it took six months to lose 15 pounds. I hated eating 5-6 times a day. I gave up eventually and just kind of ate a healthy diet and learned to live with it. I always felt like I was doing something wrong and was at fault for my plateaus and eventual regain.

How Eat Like a Bear! was Different

In the past, I’ve been encouraged to eat 5-6 small meals a day. It left me hungry and annoyed at having to remember to continuously eat throughout the day. I’d still be hungry and always felt somewhat deprived. With the Eat Like a Bear! approach, I dealt with sugar and carb addiction/cravings right away, and it was so much easier to be compliant after that hurdle. I don’t feel very hungry often, and I definitely don’t feel deprived. I’m eating foods I love, that fill me up, and help me fast for 23 hours. My last serious attempt at weight loss was about five years ago, and it took me six months to drop 15 pounds and thousands of dollars. This time around, I’m 73 pounds lighter and feel great! I love this way of eating because once I got the hang of the macros, I haven’t had to track calories or macros or weigh foods. I just eat until I’m full and am done. Once I learned the framework, it’s been no bother at all. The support from the group is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. There aren’t any keto police coming for me, and everyone is just so loving and supportive.

When I Knew Eat Like a Bear! was Working for Me

Within the first few weeks, I lost 15 pounds, which took me six months to do the last time I attempted a weight loss program. Getting off of sugar and carbs and being able to refuse any offered to me was amazing as, in the past, I would have caved most times. It’s like a switch was flipped in me. I knew I had to lose weight when I started, but once I was in, I knew I could take this all the way home and get into a healthy weight bracket.

What I Can Do Now That I Couldn’t Do Before Losing Weight with Eat Like a Bear!

I can easily walk up stairs, hike, run, and just be active without being winded. I’m not tired when I wake up, and my sleep quality has improved so much. Being able to shop regular sizes is so much more affordable, and I have more selection of cute clothes to wear. I don’t feel sick all the time anymore, and my mood has improved a lot, too. I’m lucky to have not experienced mobility issues in the past, but I’m definitely much quicker and have more endurance than I did before I started this.

My Greatest Non-Scale Victories

For me, taking control of what I eat has been huge for me. I don’t have cravings anymore, and I’m not at all excited by sugary junk food, which was a big weakness for me. I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t fit into since my 30th birthday, seven years ago. In fact, most of those clothes are now too big for me! My endometriosis feels more manageable, and through diet and fasting I have been able to put Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth into remission. I don’t snore anymore, didn’t experience any seasonal allergies this year, and am no longer obese. I came at this program with a lot of self-love and acceptance, and I’ve only improved my self-esteem and self-love. I feel wonderful and free from food addictions and bloating, and pain management is much easier.

What I Did to Lose the Weight

Photo of Krysten before and after 72 pound weight loss

I started strong right from the get go, eating a Ridiculously Big Salad in a one-hour window each day, right from Day One. I am not very hungry during the daytime, so eating dinner with my husband made the most sense to me. I do have the odd planned weekend where I eat two on-plan keto meals, but for the most part I’ve been faithfully 23/1 with a weekly 48-hour water fast. After a month or two, I started incorporating cooked meals, as well, because raw veggies can sometimes cause me stomach upset, but I’ve been strictly eating protein, veggies, and fat in some fashion since Day One.

Tips for Newcomers

Whether you’re easing your way into eating the Ridiculously Big Salad in a one-hour eating window or jumping into one meal a day right away, my best advice is to be 100% compliant to keto foods. Give up the sugar and carbs on Day One, and be faithful to the program and yourself. The sooner you get over the hump and get fat-adapted, the easier this transition is. Also, read/watch all of Amanda’s content to motivate yourself every day. Post in the group, especially when you’re struggling. We are here to help you and motivate you along your journey.

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  1. Krystens story is me….you have given me motivation…..I am on this now 5 days and will not get on scale until i finish round two of 3 days…..thank you so much

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