Kathy, pictured in her before and after photos, displaying her weight loss success story

Kathy’s Weight Loss Success Story

Kathy is down 62 pounds from her high weight of 280, and down 44 pounds since she found us in October of 2019. She’s a great example of adapting the core framework that we use. While our community record-holders in weight loss make use of the one meal a day model, Kathy has crafted her approach around what she sees as her maintenance plan, admitting that it is a slower path to weight loss, but more sure for her. This is Kathy’s weight loss success story.


Kathy’s Motivation and Past Diets

I was motivated to lose weight because I was so sick mentally and physically that I knew my life would be shortened by not changing my nutrition and exercise plan. As an older mom of an only child (a 15-year-old daughter), and as a wife, it was up to me if I wanted to enjoy them for many years to come.

I’ve had migraines since I was 5 years old – I’m now 53. I had excruciating inflammation pain in all my joints. I was never given an official fibromyalgia diagnosis, but one doctor was pretty certain I had it based on my symptoms and on a hunch.

Any weight loss plan I’ve tried previously either required purchasing product/membership fees or they had unrealistic claims and marketing suggestions guaranteeing it would work.

The Eat Like a Bear Approach was Different

A friend knew I was very new to Keto, and she suggested the Eat Like a Bear Facebook page. I loved that certain foods I love to eat were not off limits.

Kathy, pictured in her before and after photos, displaying her weight loss success story

I tried to eat either one or two meals a day, but always before 6:30 pm, and I had the most success when I combined this with as close to a gallon of water a day as possible. I stayed pretty close to keto-approved foods. I did, and still do, have the occasional adult beverage and have tried many keto desserts, both commercial and homemade recipes.

I’m aware that my pace is slower; however, my current way of doing this will mirror very closely to when I’m on maintenance. It is for this reason that I’m taking it very slowly.

With the Eat Like a Bear approach, I didn’t feel deprived, and I noticed so many non-scale victories before seeing the scale reflect my progress. However, weighing myself daily in this way of eating was positively motivating, where other plans didn’t suggest daily weigh-ins or doing so put me in a bad headspace where I would likely sabotage myself.

Seeing Results

I started noticing this way of eating was working when I simply felt lighter upon waking up each morning. Another big moment for me was when I reached the 10% weight loss.

Now that I’ve lost weight, I can stand up from a seated position without having knee pain. I can take extended walks without hip pain. I fit into my wedding dress on my 16th anniversary. I can see my collarbones for the first time since college.

I’ve been able to do extensive landscaping and cosmetic improvements to house. I’ve been able to improve my anxiety and depression with the newfound strength of this motivating group.

My sleep hygiene has improved so much that I don’t need a CPAP machine anymore, I don’t have any daytime sleepiness, and I almost never snore. This has helped my Hubby and me sleep in the same room, which we haven’t done in six years.

I have the stamina to do many athletic activities: hike, kayak, vacuum downstairs without taking breaks. And I can fast for 23 hours.

Tips for Newcomers

Trust in the process. Revisit your whys as often as possible. Strive for excellence, not perfection. Reframe the “can’t” to “I choose to.”

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