Jack Canfield and Amanda Rose, pictured

Hanging with Jack Canfield!

What a world!

I got to hang out with Jack Canfield back in September, 2020-style on Zoom.

If you were even breathing U.S. air in the 90s and 00s, you already know who I am talking about. Jack Canfield is the co-creator of the legendary series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and of “Success Principles.”

Most of you have had one of these books on a shelf at some point.

Jack Canfield is as wise as ever and it turns out he’s pretty impressed with what we’re doing here at Eat Like A Bear. He’s quoted on the back of each of the Eat Like a Bear books!


I am really honored by this.

I met with him in September of 2020 for the first time, via Zoom, of course, being all COVID-stereotype-like, hanging out on Zoom.

I joined a coaching program of his in 2021 and hung out a good bit more. He’s wise, kind, and generous with his knowledge. He had two on-going themes for us here: (1) I need to get more management help so I can spend more time meeting community members and making videos (cue the hallelujah choir…) and (2) A big focus of our resources should be on telling our stories (cue that choir again).

It was through these discussions that I decided to focus much of my energy and revenue moving forward on documenting our success cases on YouTube, as the next generation of free content here at Eat Like a Bear. Showing people that they do have a choice to live differently may be the single most important thing that we do here at Eat Like a Bear. A man who made his name out of using inspirational stories to bring about change knows that well.

In terms of that Zoom call last year which is in the video below, we talked about an awful lot of Bear-related things, including the success cases we have in the community and the popularity of the book “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad” (and its nearly breaking the U.S. Post Office). He took a look at the manuscript for the new Eat Like a Bear Jump Start book as well. His assessment? He likes the Ridiculously Big Salad book and he likes the Jump Start book even better.

Check out the interview. (And, yes, I agree. We should have a lot less in this podcast of me and a lot more of Jack Canfield but such is the format and we’ve all got to play the hand we were dealt and all that….)

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