Podcast with Jack Canfield

I got to hang out with Jack Canfield back in September, 2020-style on Zoom. He’s the co-creator of the legendary series “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and of “Success Principles.”

We talked about an awful lot of Bear-related things, including the success cases we have in the community and the popularity of the book “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad” (and its nearly breaking the U.S. Post Office). He took a look at the manuscript for the new Eat Like a Bear Jump Start book as well. His assessment? He likes the Ridiculously Big Salad book and he likes the Jump Start book even better.

Check out the interview. (And, yes, I agree. We should have a lot less in this podcast of me and a lot more of Jack Canfield but such is the format and we’ve all got to play the hand we were dealt and all that….)

Below the interview, explore some of our success cases and that post office story.

The Ridiculously Big Salad in the News!

I spoke with Maddie Janssen at NBC affiliate KGET about the Ridiculously Big Salad being featured in Woman's World magazine. We had a fun and packed three minutes!

Making History at the U.S. Post Office

The best Ridiculously Big Salad story may be how we've had to ship it when we had difficulty being approved for an Amazon store. I am still waiting to get my house back!

Amanda Rose at the Post OfficeThank you for your support of the book, “Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad.”You have very nearly broken the U.S. Post Office with your orders.We are currently shipping the book out of a very small and rural post office located inside the Giant

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Eat Like a Bear! Success Stories!

The oxygen here at Eat Like a Bear! is definitely our success stories. There is nothing at all like having people ahead of you on the path and we have many.

The Books and Digital Programs

The book "Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad" is available as a physical book. (The Eat Like a Bear Jump Start book is in production for print.) All other products are digital, delivered to your email. Books are downloadable PDF files. Videos stream (much like they do on YouTube). 

The Ridiculously Big Salad, Print and Digital

Hard Copy Book: Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad

The hard cover book, "Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad," 2020 Purple Oak Press. U.S. orders only. Priority U.S. Mail. (International? See the digital bundle.)

The Coffee Club 5-Pack

Inspired by our favorite coffee club in Rhode Island, buy the 5 pack at a bulk price and share with friends. This is a box of five books, "Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad," with free shipping. (U.S. orders only)

Eat Like a Bear "Ridiculously Big Salad" Digital Course (Digital Only)

Based on the most successful meal framework in the ELAB community, this digital course includes a PDF download of the book "Half My Size with The Ridiculously Big Salad," plus companion videos. (This module is also part of the larger course bundle.)

And more!

Eat Like a Bear Digital Course BUNDLE (Digital Only)

The Digital ELAB Course Bundle featuring the Digital Jumpstart Course, Ridiculously Big Salad (RBS) Digital Module, Cooked RBS Module (beta), and Bear Psychology (beta). Modules in beta are in development and are not yet available on their own.

Eat Like a Bear Digital Jump Start Course (Digital Only)

The Digital Jump Start Course, featuring the book "Eat Like a Bear Jump Start: The Three-Day Challenge Unpacked," August 2020. Based on the popular email series of the same name. (The featured book includes only the Three-Day Challenge recipes. The RBS book and the Digital Course Bundle are the go-to resources for ELAB recipes.)

Eat Like a Bear Blueprint for Weight Loss: The Bear Bones (Digital Only)

The PDF downloadable Bear Bones Blueprint. A short, digital how-to book and the first book on this site, January 2019. This book does not include recipes, simply meal constructs. The RBS book and the Digital Course Bundle are the go-to resources for ELAB recipes.