Intermittent Fasting Results: Set Your Weight Loss On Fire!

Can you really get massive weight loss results with intermittent fasting? I mean, really? Intermittent fasting is just about timing your food. It is about “when to eat.” How can that possibly help weight loss?

I asked myself that for years before trying it and even once I decided to give it a go, I waited 2-3 months to implement it. I really didn’t think it would live up to the hype. How could it? How could “when to eat” actually matter that much? Furthermore, how on earth would I deal with the hunger? Wow. Do I have some answers for you in this video.

But first: You must, must try intermittent fasting. Don’t brush it off. Even if it sounds crazy and stupid, test it. Listen to the video.

“When To Eat”

Intermittent fasting is simply a structure of “when to eat” that allows your body time to focus on digestion and then some hours of “rest” to focus on fat-burning and body repair. The “not eating” hours of the day are the “fasting.” Some people “fast” only 16 hours, allowing 8 hours for eating. Some fast for 5 hours, with 19 hours for eating, and some for 23 hours with 1 hour for eating. I should add here that the fasting window can be much longer. For more dramatic weight loss, there are people who eat every other day, for instance. Fasts of 2- and 3-days are increasingly popular among people who are able to do it. (Some medications and conditions may prevent it.)

In the video, I describe my approach to intermittent fasting — eating one meal a day in one hour. I also describe the structure my husband used to lose weight — two meals a day in five hours. Both of us lost on the order of a half a pound a day, taking care to eat food very low in sugars and starches (low carb / keto) during that time. He had less to lose, lost as much as I did eating more food than I did, but he is a man, after all, and as I say regularly, “God loves him more.” I needed to lose more and needed to be more strict to do so, leading to my one meal in one hour.

Some people mix it up: Fasting for 23 hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and only for 16 hours on other days. As you consider your options, you’ll see that they are basically limit-less. You can take these examples and adapt them to your own circumstances.

Hunger and Intermittent Fasting

“How do you not eat your arm off?” my friend Kristen asked me. I was sure afraid I would want to! What is amazing about intermittent fasting is that it helps regulate your whole suite of fat-burning hormones, including your hunger hormone, ghrelin. In what I consider to be the strangest and most mind-blowing factoid of this whole weight loss thing is that you can actually reduce your feeling of hunger by eating less and, in particular as I see it, eating less regularly. I discuss the hunger problem in the video below.

Should You Transition Into Intermittent Fasting?

Another big question that comes up in the Eat Like A Bear group on Facebook (here) is whether you should transition into intermittent fasting or just go cold turkey. Do what suits you! There is a notion out there that you “have to transition” or that it will “be too hard.” Poppycock. If you’re a cold turkey person and can jump in, just jump in. (Yes, I am a cold turkey person myself.)

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The epic #CenturyHike — the 100 miles of hiking to celebrate 100 pounds of #weightloss — was a complete social media fail. I updated the blog a couple of weeks ago and said, “What happened to the Century Hike? Yellowstone happened to the Century Hike!” Have you seen the “Postcard from Yellowstone?” Do a Facebook search for it for the video that ultimately came out of the whole thing but, to be honest, it took weeks of being basically shocked and speechless to make that video in the first place. HAVE YOU SEEN THE YELLOWSTONE PHOTOS??? I am still shocked and speechless. The long cold winter combined with me laying around on the couch with a complication from hernia surgery has given me renewed interest in just getting back out there. I’ve been thinking about all of the great opportunities we have had for travel and hiking in the last six months and how I am just constantly shaking my head and wondering what the heck has happened with my life. It’s easier not to talk about it, for the most part. Hiking was my motivation for the weight loss but I could have lost 75 pounds and hiked pretty well. A year ago, I hit the 100-pound mark around the time of #ExpoWest and I did think I was about done. I really never imagined I’d hit 140, which happens to be 30-pounds lower than I’ve ever been as an adult. You sure can hike a heck of a lot easier at 140 pounds than at any weight I have ever been, ever. I don’t even huff and puff out there all that much, at least not for me in the world I am used to. I have a lot of thoughts and you will find them right here. (I hope… I still struggle with that “speechless” thing. I can hear my husband: “She has never been speechless in her life ….”) #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssuccessstory #weightlosssupport #weightlossstory #weightlosssuccess #weightlossstruggle #weightlossmotivation #hike #getoutandhike

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You guys! I deleted the hiking comments by accident! Please raise your hands! Who here is hiking for the first time, inspired by your weight loss, driven to lose more maybe? Just yesterday I was sitting in my living room with my dad and some Instagram comments came across my notifications and we just sat there shaking our heads, half in disbelief, half sort of chuckling at the strange irony. More than anyone else, my close family members grasp the sheer strangeness of this world we are living in at this very moment. First: I’m out there hiking. What???? Really, I have never, ever, ever done anything even remotely athletic in my whole life. I even hesitate to call my current hiking “athletic” because it’s just walking on trails, but even that is a big change for me. Second: What?!?!?!!!!!?? Some of the Bears have started to hike too. (??!?!?!) The “Bears” of course are what we call ourselves in the Eat Like A Bear! group on Facebook and it looks like we’ve got a lot of other new hikers. Two commented in a post here yesterday and I didn’t respond because I was too busy being flabbergasted and then, about two hours ago, I mistakenly deleted the post (d’oh!) and now I can’t even find you guys. Show yourselves, ladies. #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #halfmysize #weightlosssuccess #weightlosssuccessstory #weightlossmotivation #halftheirsize

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