Photo of Gail before and after 80 pound weight loss

Gail’s Weight Loss Success Story

At 75 years old, Gail is down 80 pounds and actually made a feature story in Woman’s World magazine as the community’s “record holder” for the number of pounds lost in the Three Day Challenge. She lost a whopping 17 pounds in those three days, partly due to water retention from congestive heart failure. However, over the course of a year she is down 80 pounds and featured in a national magazine.

On other diets Gail did not lose quickly, was always hungry and had low energy. She found us via YouTube videos over a year ago and dug in and got started.

Photo of Gail after 80 pound weight loss

Gail’s Implementation

Gail leans on The Ridiculously Big Salad model but mixes is up with cooked meals of the same framework. She adds: “Only planning one meal a day makes me want to make it the best I can. The difference is that there’s no measuring or counting calories. After a few times making meals and with Amanda’s help I’ve learned just how much of each thing I can have which is way more than enough.”   

“By the end of my first month I was down 26 pounds. That told me I was happy to be doing this.”   

Gail’s Life Changed

Gail reports: “I can walk without pain. I can bend over!!! I climb stairs but still get winded because of my heart. I can shop in regular clothes. I can get up from the floor. I can get out of a bathtub.”

She has had a few surprising moments:   

“I didn’t notice the way my clothes were fitting till my pants fell down!”

“I was looking at the scales that hadn’t moved for a month and going down 3 sizes anyways.”

“I am able to get up from the sofa without pushing myself up.”

“I noticed that I do have bones in my body after all!”

Photo of Gail before and after 80 pound weight loss

Gail’s Top Tip   

Gail offers this wisdom to others on the path: “After the 3 day challenge I see so many give up in the first month because that first huge loss is water. That won’t continue so they are disappointed. I tell them to just keep to the program. Don’t bother with the scales because they lie. Do the program diligently and allow your body to heal on the inside from all the abuse it’s been through eating all the things that are not good for us.

I’ve gone a whole month with no loss on the scale. Every non-scale victory that comes along whether your boobs fall out of your bra or pants falling down is something to laugh at. The non-scale victories alone make this journey fun! You never know what your body is going to do next.”


    1. Gail, I am 65, 5’9″ 347 lbs and was recently diagnosed with heart failure from Covid. I have gone from taking no medications to taking six medications a day. So discouraging. I’ve purchased all of Amanda’s books and love her spirit. I just can’t seem to get started due to my fatigue.
      How much improvement did you see in your breathing once you lost the 80 lbs?

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