Weight Loss and Discipline: Grab A Hold, Don’t Let Go!

Weight loss and discipline: You guys, you’ve got to grab it and cling to it like your life depends on it (and it very well may).

In this video I talk about how I was able to stay the course for an entire eight months to lose 100 pounds. Eight months is a very long time do do anything that diligently but, in the grand scheme of things, eight months is a “blip.” You can leverage those months to change your life completely or you can just let them slip by. You might guess that I think you should grab a hold and not let go. Muster up the discipline to meet your weight loss goals!

A key thing I did over all of those months was decide the night before when and what I would be eating the next day. If I decided to eat one meal in one hour (which I did most days), I would do that. I made one small exception in those months, a story for another time perhaps (though it is a bit trivial).

I had rules in place about the amount of time I would be eating (my intermittent fasting “eating window”) and about what I would be eating. I simply never broke the rules. There were a couple of times I probably went out of ketosis due to eating at a restaurant but not because I was not trying. Sometimes you just end up with ingredients you had not expected. Things happen. The important thing is that I never allowed myself to fall off the wagon and “cheat.” Had I felt like I really needed a cheat, I might have decided that the night before but I never did. “The night before” is a much stronger place than “in the moment.”

Over all of those months, I never made decisions “in the moment.” In fact, that’s a pretty good “rule” to have.

As you stay on the wagon and see progress, all of the discipline and “rules” are self-reinforcing: You won’t want to get off the wagon if it’s working well for you! I know that in my case, that was the main factor in my success. The whole plan worked so well that there was no piece of pizza or cinnamon roll on the planet that was worth getting off track.

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