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Community-Wide Three-Day Challenge, Q1 2023, with PRIZES!

Our quarterly Community-Wide Three-Day Challenge launches Monday, January 2, 2023. It’s a community event where we gather quarterly to re-commit and set new goals. The regular Three-Day Challenge is available any day of the year – it’s an email-based mini-course. The main difference between the regular and the Community-Wide Three-Day Challenge is that with the latter we do it together AND we have additional goal-setting content.

Find the Community-Wide Challenge in The Den, here (CLICK!). In the first part of January, I will roll out challenge materials. I will send out several emails that direct you to specific content (assuming you receive my email, of course).

This is where we slay the “what to eat and when” part of what we do, but this quarter we’re going bigger than ever with a fun way to win prizes.

As we launch 2023, we have prizes!!!

These are extremely premium prizes with high stakes (and, especially, bragging rights). I outline them below.

Our Community-Wide Three-Day Challenge is the launching point into the prizes.

The awardees will be determined in mid-February, when we reach our Six-Week Goal check-in.

There are a few prizes for weight lost, but there are many more to encourage a whole lot of fun because, frankly, I need a lot more fun in my life. I think most people do.

Let’s work together to help each other laugh.

A grand prize in the works…

There is a potential grand prize that will be activated if 4,000 people check in at the end of the three days with their starting and ending weights. (I will provide a check-in link on Day 4 and will distribute the link around the community. You can help by commenting on it and, of course, by checking in with your own weights.)

Read below about how we’re going to have a whole lot of fun with the grand prize, should you all activate it….

Weight Loss-Specific Prizes

The Community-Wide Three-Day Challenge launches a Six-Week Goal period, so these prizes will be determined at the end of the six weeks. But, as you’ll see, that will give you six weeks to bring your “A-game” to this contest.

At the end of the six weeks, there will be six weight loss winners: The top three in The Deep Den (our member-funded private community) and the top three community-wide.

Top weight loss will be determined by pounds lost as a percent of your starting weight. There will be a check-in form for this in mid-February, so you will want to look for that to enter.

(Admittedly, this category favors new members who will probably have a lot of water weight to lose. The rest of the prizes [below] may favor longer-term members.)

Weight loss winners from The Deep Den will receive a Big Bear Prize Package from me. I am making those packages right now. Winners community-wide will receive a free Big Bear Blueprint digital course to help fine-tune their implementation in the rest of 2023. (Winners who already have the Blueprint can gift their prize to a friend.)

The Century Bear Surprise Crew at Disney Springs
The Century Bear Surprise Crew at Disney Springs

There Will Be Ten Other Prizes….

I will send out ten prize packages put together right here in the Giant Sequoia National Monument.

We will determine the winners by your social posts during the next six weeks.

First, because the calculation of these prizes nearly requires advanced calculus, we will first determine our Top 20 and then calculate our Top 10 from there.

Top 20 by January 31

Get into the Top 20 by January 31 to be in the running for the Top 10.

The Top 20 is simple: Have a post about your story somewhere on the internet with a lot of “likes.” The post can be in our private Facebook group, any of our public platforms, or on your own social profile. Use the hashtag #Bearscrushing2023 to help us find it.

(We will make a post around January 28 with the top 20 or 30 we’ve found. If we haven’t found yours, this will be a good time to point it out to us.)

If you’re in the Top 20 by January 31, you’ll then have 10 days to scramble and maximize your points to make the Top 10 and to compete for the grand prize. We’ll do our final calculation on February 10 using the points I outline below.

What we’re really doing here is working together to keep us all engaged and entertained for the next six weeks … so these are the posts we need from all you winners. 🙂

Make The Top 10 Bear List With Your Inspirational, Fun, and Educational Social Posts

Top 10 winners will receive a gift package right from my home. You will earn points by making fun and engaging posts that fit certain themes. (See the specific point formula below.)

This is where you’re bringing your “A-game” and keeping the rest of us inspired and entertained through January, as we all stay focused on our long-term goals.

There are a lot of ways to earn points here and, to some degree, this section may benefit longer-term members who already have relevant photos collected.

We will calculate points in these categories on February 10, 2023 of our Top 20 posters, so keep posting! (Heck, reshare your winning posts right back into our big Facebook Stories group and maybe it will collect some more likes!)

Your Big Goal Post (up to 30 points)

Let’s see what you’re doing to live your most vibrant life!

Here at Eat Like a Bear!, “The Big Goal” is not about the weight on the scale or the pant size, but picturing yourself one year from now – not what you’re going to look like but what you’re going to be doing, living a Century Life, your most vibrant life.

Picture yourself one year from now. Then go out and live that life RIGHT NOW the best way you can.

My Big Goal was to hike, but I weighed 280 pounds and was limping around my house with an injured knee. I limped around trailheads when I could bend my knee enough to drive. That was me living in my Big Goal.

We want to see you out living your Big Goal!!! Post about it in the Stories group on Facebook, on your own social media accounts, or email, and we’ll post it on our public Facebook and Instagram page for you.

The Big Goal post with the most “likes” will also get a free Big Bear Blueprint for yourself or a friend. (The Big Goal may be the most important thing we do, after all.)

Watch the original Big Goal video here (CLICK!)

(See below how the 30 points are calculated.)

Amanda Rose standing on the Colorado River
Colorado River!

Face-to-Face Friday Post (Or Any Transformation Type of Post) (up to 20 points)

Bring your “A-game” to Face-to-Face Friday with a Face-to-Face Friday post.

A Face-to-Face Friday post is typically a before and after photo set that shows the changes in your face.

Post this photo in the Stories group on Facebook, on your own social media accounts, or email, and we’ll post it on our public Facebook and Instagram page for you.

And might I suggest a variation?: A driver’s license photo with the weight printed on your driver’s license and your goal: “My goal is to get to the weight listed on my driver’s license.” Ha ha!!! (I still have my old driver’s license, with me at more than 240 pounds and the weight printed on my driver’s license of 200 pounds. I got below it!!!)

The transformation post with the most “likes” will also get a free Big Bear Blueprint for yourself or a friend.

(See below how the 20 points are calculated.)

Representing at the Grocery Store (or in Your Garden) Post (up to 20 points)

We got some great photos back in September of community members grocery shopping. Our shopping carts most definitely stand out!

Take a photo that represents your grocery shopping, or more generally “procuring.” Some of you are growing your own food, a serious “A-game”!

Frankly, if you’re out fishing or otherwise procuring food in the wild, we’re going to need to see that too.

We have a great collection of photos you can find here (CLICK!). (And any of those posts in social media from September can be counted in the points for this current contest.)

The grocery store/food sourcing post with the most “likes” will also get a free Big Bear Blueprint for yourself or a friend.

(See below how the 20 points are calculated.)

Bear In The Wild (up to 20 points)

I leave this to your creativity, but since all of the live wild bears are hibernating right now and since you probably don’t want to run around with real bear selfies, this one is more in the category of “bear totems” and generally “bear kitsch” in the wild.

  • Do you have a bear traveling with you on adventures? We need to see you and your bear out there.
  • Have you found an amazing bear statue or sculpture? We may need to see you in your “A-game” pose with that bear.

The “bear in the wild” post with the most “likes” will also get a free Big Bear Blueprint for yourself or a friend.

(See below how the 20 points are calculated.)

Posts From Our Sponsors (up to 15 points)

Thank you in advance to the sponsors of the Community-Wide Three Day Challenge, namely YOU, the buyers of the premium content here at Eat Like a Bear!, who pay for all of our free materials on this platform, including the Three-Day Challenge.

As honored sponsors, you have additional opportunities to earn points.

Grab these additional points as you choose:

(5 points) Blueprint Buyers: Leave one key tip in the Blueprint course area for those on the path behind you. Leave the comment in the Blueprint area here – CLICK!. (If you cannot access that area, you either have yet to purchase the Blueprint, you have purchased it and are not logged in, or you need to contact Purchase the Blueprint here – CLICK! if you haven’t. It is a very good way to dial in here at Eat Like a Bear!)

(5 points) Buyers of Anything: Leave a review on a product you have purchased. Find the relevant product on the store page and find a review button at the bottom. Leave an honest review! (Find the Bear store here –CLICK!.)

(5 points) Deep Den Members: Post at least three “quirky photos” this month in the Water Cooler here, CLICK!. (Not a member of The Deep Den? It is a member-funded community where we gather for additional support. We open membership at the beginning of every quarter. Look for an invitation in your email account.)

Allocating Points

For our categories in which you earn “up to” 20 or 30 points, we’re putting those points on a scale, basically “grading on a curve.”

We’ll take the post with the most “likes” and give it the top number of points for that category. Everyone else will receive a proportion of points based on the number of likes for their post. As an example, if the top Face-to-Face post received 1,000 likes, that person receives 20 points. If someone else received 923 likes, that person would get 18.4 points. (We’ll go out one decimal place, LOL.)


To activate the grand prize, 3,000 people need to check in on their Three-Day Challenge results.

If we activate the grand prize, I will visit one of the Top 10 prize winners in their community of residence, and we will make a YouTube video together before the next Community-Wide Three-Day Challenge. 🙂

I mentioned that I need a lot more fun in my life, so the winner will be selected primarily based on this criterion:

You need to make a claim in one of your posts that I can verify in a YouTube video. I’m going to come to your home or community and verify your claim. We will then put the claim and verification on YouTube.

  • Are you the fastest meal-maker in the community? Brenda Kerr posted a video in which she whipped up a salad in about two minutes. She could make such a claim, for example.
  • Do you eat and go be awesome in the most rural of all locations? We’re definitely going to need to see that!
  • Do you top your salad with salmon you catch on your property? We’re going to need to know about that.
  • Do you grab a salad next to a tattoo parlor, and we’re going to meet there for salads and get tattoos? We need to know that plan!
  • Do you have a legitimate bear cave on your property? That would be something and would definitely require some verification.

How do we select the grand prize winner?

Bring laughter to our lives (especially to mine) for the best chance to win. (It will also help if verification is do-able in March. A trip to the Arctic may not be a good fit for March, but I do like your thinking… LOL.)

At the lake


  1. I have to get back on board I have had several issues and have fed my feelings instead of sticking to the plan. My little sister joined in March and has not posted on Facebook eat like a bear group. She is down 104 lb I think right now, since March 17th. She has a pair of bear leggings for me when I get back with the program. Been feeling pretty defeated lately. So many different reasons.

    1. Leta!!! Start wearing those leggings TODAY.

      Take some time every day to get outside and just let go of everything. Eat and walk away from the food. Breath fresh air and take in the great outdoors. If you can’t get out, go deep into a project.

      As for your sister, is she a Century Bear? She should report in!!!

      1. I’ve lost 20, and gained 5 again during holidays…I’m ready to recommit and begin with this 3 day challenge. Thank you for all your inspiring post, and words of encouragement to the world!

      2. Hi Amanda
        How soon is your 3rd book on hot meals going to be in print?
        I have gifted my daughter and sister a set of your 2 books, but can’t gift them the third.
        I’m hoping it’s soon
        Thank you so much

        1. Last I heard it will not be out until March. (ugh.) I have seen evidence that it is being printed, so it is in the pipeline, just slow

  2. Thank you for the inspiration post . I have been on and off for over a year. This January 1 2023 is the beginning of getting back on the plan! Thank you so much. I have lost over 60 pounds but still have about 10 more to go !

  3. Hey Amanda and fellow Bears!

    I’m in my “den” thinking about how I’ll make it to Spring, and NOW I know! 3 Day Challenge Kick-off followed by 6 Weeks of Fun!

  4. Firstly, Amanda, I thank you for all that you do. I started in November with the three-day challenge. Had to put it on hold, however for a couple of weeks because I had oral surgery which required me to eat “soft” food, as the doctors prescribed. Thankfully I am back on my ELAB program. I do not have a scale yet (never have!) but I know I’ve lost twelve-ish pounds from my visits to my PCP where you’re weighed every visit. I am a little dismayed, thinking it would come off faster, but I revel in the fact that I have not had any bread or ice cream for two months. THAT is a big biggity big deal! (I’ll list my website but it’s strictly professional, no stories about my ELAB progress)

  5. Amanda I need a new hip and a new left knee. The pain is unbearable and is 24 7. Nothing helps. But I can’t be operated on until I lose 30 more pounds. The doctor gave me a nutritionist. She is sweet but has no idea how to help me. I must return to my bear roots. Here is my chance. I’ll be starting once again on Monday.

    1. I am sorry to hear about the pain, but isn’t it great how much tech there is for our hips and knees! I’m glad you’re on board!

  6. Well here I am ready to commit again! It’s been a long time and I dread getting back on the scale, but I can’t wait to feel better! Thanks Amanda for sharing your life with us! 3 day challenge, here I come!

  7. I am back on board. The first time I committed to Eat Like at Bear I lost 25 pounds. Covid hit, and I had a totally different life style change…and not a good one. I didn’t mind not working, but staying at home with no routine, led me back to bad eating habits.
    The one meal, low carb diet is still with me, but I need to kick out the “snacking” that bad habit I started back in 2021. I actually feel better eating less through out the day, so this is the only weight loss plan I feel I can revisit for results.
    Thanks Amanda for poking me to rejoin.

  8. I’m ready to go, as a Century Bear since December 15 but ready to slay the last 40# of my goal of being Healthy, Trim, and Active. I’m ready to toss my cane aside and keep up with my granddaughter.

  9. I lost about 40, gained 10, planning to lose 15 and then I’ll be good. “Good” in more than one way… 😉

  10. I am ready to recommit! I am certain that this way of eating and living is when I am the healthiest and happiest! It’s a self care ritual every day that is so empowering! I am going to start out with exercise of some sort each day this time! Thanks Amanda Rose for making this accessible for so many people!

  11. Hi, I’m back. Was doing so well and lost over 14lbs on this programme until I got COVID in October. My sweet tooth overcame me and unfortunately have put even more back on. Never had much of a sweet tooth before COVID!!!!. Ready give a big bear growl today, Monday. Going to tell my niece to “Google” Eat like a Bear! Mxx

  12. Bears I just ripped through my kitchen and cleared out EVERYTHING that needed to go! I have a bag in the fridge and one on the table going to an old neighbor that can benefit from all the stuff we don’t eat on ELAB! The rest is in the trash on the curb! It’s outta here!!! Ready to take my life back!
    First day of Spring will see me doing this! ‍♀️‍♀️

  13. I’m going to give this a try again!I fell off last year when on we not to the doctors and she to
    D me my weight lose was good but my cholesterol was up.I need to loss and work on not eating so much cheese and dairy.I have this .I liked when I was being told I looked great ,even when I couldn’t see the difference other people could.I also felt much better after losing just twenty pounds.So here I go !!!

  14. I lost nearly 45#s and kept it pretty consistent until recent months due to work stress. I am in the process of changing work and I will resume ELAB starting tomorrow. Life will be back in order. Here’s to the 3 day challenge followed by this WOL.

  15. I had already planned on doing a seven day fast (I usually do one or two a year) starting on Monday, so this works out great; a motivation to start! Thanks for doing these challenges!

  16. I am recommitting to this way of living. I started in spring 22 and lost 20#. Then I got Covid and couldn’t eat or walk and gained 15 back even though I couldn’t eat anything . I am recommitting because I need direction and a team of bears right beside me because I can’t be a lone wolf. I want to be part of the den. I hope to do better with posting instead of reading other’s posts.

  17. Well I’m back 🙂
    My mom got me into this early of 2021 and I did really good stayed committed and finally got under 200lbs for my wedding 6/5/21, but after that I celebrated too much, got pregnant and had a healthy beautiful boy in May of 2022. Since his arrival I’ve gained weight and have been having lots of mom guilt in being unable to keep you with him and my other 2 little ones ( 4 & 6 ). This time I am back and ready to be my best self for me and my babies. I’m at my highest weight ever and ready to let it go. Looking forward to building a community of supporters again and support those on their missions too!!! Happy New Year…. Let’s do this!!!

  18. I am IN!! Recommitting and doing the 3 day challenge to “follow through”, our 2023 word. Determined to stay present daily and continue to clear the clutter that has tripped me up in the past. No looking back and no fretting about the future. Here I am and I am committed.

  19. I am ready to recommit. Taking a ten day vacation in April and need to fit in my clothes. I did the 1st day of the challenge yesterday and feeling empowered. Thanks for your emails Amanda. I can roar like a bear cause I’ve done it before.

  20. Ready to be a Bear! I’ve been on a diet my entire life and still overweight. I am ready to eat like a bear and live the bear way!

  21. I am in! Day one of the 3 day challenge was a success! I started back in Feb 2022 at 205#- been doing great, till the past month. I was 15 pounds from my goal of 150# when it happened…I started getting snack attacks. Especially for sweets. I think I was remembering “the old days” when I made candy and cookies to give away to family at Christmas time. I know I get complacent the closer I get to goal. I let myself think about “off plan eating” too much. I have gained about 6 pounds – and my weight has been hovering from my lowest on this plan (165 in Oct) to now; 171 today. Up and Down like a roller coaster! Day one is under my belt – I won! No snacks were consumed. RBS was my one meal for the day. I am on plan. Even showed a loss of 2.4 pounds when I jumped on the scale to begin my day 2. Holding onto the bootstraps!

  22. Thank you Amanda for reigniting my commitment to IF and continuing low carb…. I know how effective these tools are.
    Had crept up to 152 from March to August (2022) then read your ELAB story, late October. Jumped into the 3 day challenge on 11/1 and made my 1st goal of under 135 in 6 weeks. Set new goal of 127 which will be very satisfactory for me. I’m 62, 5’6” and compete regularly in dog sports.

  23. Rededicating to myself. I started the three day challenge at 216. I’ve had a lot of success with Elab life and I feel better living this way. However, I let grad school, full time work, and mom life derail me. However, I will not be backsliding anymore…..

  24. I was on the program last year lost 25 pounds and lost all focus when COVID hit me hard. I was in the hospital for 4 months and was not able to do any salads at all. I am BACK to normal (relatively) and need to lose the rest of my excess weight (about 65 lbs) so that I can get around better.

    Bearly yours,
    Susan 😀

  25. Checking in. In the middle of Week 2 and I’m down 3 lbs since starting. I can’t wait to see where I am in six weeks! I know that I go down a size with every 5lb. Loss. I started at a size 12 this time. Its weird, but the first time I did Elab I started at the same exact weight but was a tight size 16. This time, same weight, but size 12. Regardless, I don’t ever want to see this number on the scale again! In it for life! I feel so good! I’m

  26. Hello:
    I have been off the program for months now. I really need to get back. I lost a lot of inches. People were asking what are you doing. It was really showing in my face. I am trying to get back. I felt great! I would love to love 20 pounds by March 19, 2023. It’s our 40th Wedding Anniversary. Help! Help! Help!

  27. Hi! “Somehow” I missed the winners! Been searching for the congratulatory post but to no avail…was gonna “eat up” all the inspiration there! Is there a “link” for that?
    Love ya fam
    Cindy Bear

    1. Hey Cindy! I haven’t posted it! I decided to post it with the weigh-in, which I’ll do tomorrow. You’ll see it soon, Cindy Bear!

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