Pickled Eggs! For Great Flavor and Puckery Apple Cider Vinegar!

Pickled Eggs! For Great Flavor and Puckery Apple Cider Vinegar!

Pickled Eggs! For Great Flavor and Puckery Apple Cider Vinegar!I love pickled eggs because, first of all, any variation of a boiled egg is fantastic. Second, this is a boiled egg infused with two amazing things: apple cider vinegar and flavor.

What is great about it is that the flavor depends on our mood and or preferences. Use any edible flavoring agent in the universe. There is no limit and your egg becomes a portable little flavor nugget. Consider a mustard–infused boiled egg: it tastes a lot like a portable little deviled egg.

As I mention the word “portable,” that is really why I like these eggs. I take them to go with me when I am making a salad on the road and I want some interesting flavors and protein on that salad. I have taken these eggs camping with me to put on my salad. Imagine a romaine-based salad with a basic oil-and-vinegar dressing, boiled eggs, red onions, and pine nuts. For me, especially on the road, that is heaven! When that egg is infused with additional flavor, I get very excited.

The flavor you infuse into your egg is completely up to you. However, my top choices are mustard, garlic, basil, time, and cilantro. Here are some principles to live by:

  • If you’ve let your eggs infuse in your refrigerator for a week (or however long) and the flavor is not yet strong, give them a few more days.
  • Use a medium-sized egg for this project. A smaller egg needs less time for the flavor to reach deep into the yolk.
  • In many cases, you will have most luck if you use the dried or powdered form of the herb or spice because it will more readily infuse into the egg. Of course, the best form of the herb or spice is the one you have in your kitchen. 😉
  • If you use pickling spices, the spices are typically heated up in the vinegar solution. That helps release the flavors of the whole spices. If your spices are ground this step is less necessary but it is good to note that heating the spices will always help you get more flavor out of them. It is not a bad idea.

Pickled Egg Steps

  1. Boil your eggs. Allow them to cool. Peel them.
  2. Layer your eggs and herbs and spices into a quart-sized jar. (A dozen medium-sized eggs will actually fit in one jar.)
  3. Fill your jar half way with apple cider vinegar. Top with water. Secure with a plastic lid.
  4. Give the mixture good swish and place it in your refrigerator for at least a few days (for smaller eggs) or a week for better flavor.
  5. They may last longer, but plan to eat them in a month.

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