Maintaining Your Weight Loss!

How will we maintain our weight loss over the remaining years of our lives? If you’re not focused on that question you might as well not even be bothering with losing weight in the first place. As many of we long-term dieters know, it is one thing to lose and it is yet another to maintain.

We focus and lose. Life happens and we gain.

In this video I talk about being an intermittent fasting “lifer,” likely a key tool for me to maintain my weight over time.

As an update, I hit the 130-pound weight loss mark in the spring of 2018 and then slowed things down. I weighed 150 pounds, 20 pounds lower than I had weighed as an adult. I didn’t know what my weight loss goal was at that point. I hit 140 pounds in August of 2018 and then 130 in December of 2018. In the 8 months and those additional 20 pounds, I did consider myself on a maintenance program, even though I continued to lose. I shifted to two meals in five hours most days. My meals were still low in carbohydrates, though a bit higher than my most aggressive period. I allowed more carbs when I was particularly active for the day, hiking or swimming. (Wow, I can hike and swim now…)

Read more about how I did it:

Don’t miss the photos: Before and after intermittent fasting.

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