Bulletproof Coffee for Weight Loss?

Should you drink bulletproof coffee for weight loss? It’s a fun drink to drink and there are a lot of claims of the benefits of bulletproof coffee, including general health benefits and weight loss. As with all advice on this website, I’ll first say: “If it’s working for you, go for it!”

However, I don’t drink bulletproof coffee basically because I don’t need the extra calories or fat. If I am going to add fat to something, it is going to be part of my meal and adding to the flavor and experience of the meal. The coffee experience might be part of your meal but I am simply going to enjoy the extra fat in the salad or in the entree.

As I discuss in the video, my concern with bulletproof coffee in the context of needing to lose a lot of weight (I lost 150 pounds in about a year) is that you do have to burn off your calories before you burn your stored body fat and I simply don’t add the extra calories. I realize there is a strong following of people committed to consuming more coconut oil but, there too, I can cook my lunch in it. It can definitely satiate you and reduce your hunger in a particular meal but so too can apple cider vinegar at far fewer calories.

In any case, there you go with another wet blanket. 🙂

Weight Loss Tools Beyond Bulletproof Coffee

If you are struggling with weight loss, there are some great tools out there. I describe some of them here:


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